Your guide to Mother’s Day

Are you looking for inspiration in regards to a Mother’s Day gift? Or perhaps you’re just curious to learn what Bing Australia’s most-searched shopping terms are?

You might be surprised to learn that hair products feature high on the list which includes hair straighteners, hair extensions and hair crème. Cooking also proved a popular topic with cook books and cooking games both well-liked.

Then there’s books and fashion which are predictably popular with mums, alongside the fail-safe duo of perfume and flowers. If you’re looking for something more left-field, the search for ‘tea‘ is a surprisingly popular one. Perhaps Mum would appreciate some assorted tea bags or a teapot set?

Mother’s Day has come a long way since 6000BC when mother goddess’s were first worshipped, so far in fact that the world of  electronics is no longer a male-only domain. Your new-age mum might be stoked to receive a DVD, Wii console or game, or even an iPod!

Then again, if you’re short for time how about breakfast in bed? Try these delicious recipes.

Happy Mother’s Day!


– Bing AU Product Team

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