Bing screensaver 2 of 3: Weird and Wonderful theme

Life is full of weird and wonderful oddities and we’ve captured some of them in our newest vibrant screensaver pack which features everything from crop circles to a giant squid monument to Australia’s own thorny devil lizard. All of which have featured as daily home page images on Bing Australia.

Also featured in the ‘Weird and Wonderful’ themed pack is the Horsfield Tarsier (pictured above). But why are the eyes of this little critter so wide? Well, he can’t believe you haven’t gone ahead and downloaded the new screensaver already!

Stay tuned for the ‘Wildlife’ themed screensaver pack which is still to come.

Also, if you missed our architecture themed screensaver, you can download it here.

The system requirements for installing the screensavers are as follows:

Windows 7; Windows Vistal windows XP with Service Pack(SP) 2
Windows Internet Explorer 6 or later; Firefox 3.0 or later
512 megabyte (MB) RAM or higher
500 megahertz (MHZ) processor or higher
50 megabyte (MB) of free hard drive space


– Bing AU Product Team


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