Aussie, Aussie, Aussie!


G’day, allow us to set the scene … it was 1788 and the First Fleet captained by Arthur Phillip floated into a small bay now known as Sydney Cove. It wasn’t long before Phillip and his crew rowed shore and took possession of the land in the name of King George III.

The date January 26 wasn’t known as Australia Day until over a century later but now it’s a significant occasion in most Australian’s calendars.

So how will Bing Australia be celebrating the day? Like we always do – by making life easier for our audience by releasing new search features.

A search for currency converter will reward you with a feature that allows you to see the latest going rates for world currencies. This improved feature allows users to change the amount or currencies (available in a dropdown menu) as they go. There is even a graph to track historical rates and trends.

Meanwhile, a more specific search, for example, 100 AUD to USD, will still provide an instant result.


You could say that Australians are notoriously a lucky bunch, just look at the beautiful great southern land that surrounds us, and many of us embrace this and try our luck in the weekly lottery draws. Knowing this, we’ve ensured that a Bing search for lottery results will now produce instant access to the results for all of Australia’s recently drawn major lotteries.

Now if those handy features aren’t cause to celebrate with a cold one and a few snags then nothing is!

Happy Australia Day!


– Bing AU Product Team



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