Bing Australia serves another ace

As the first tennis Grand Slam of the year is about to kick off in Melbourne, we at Bing Australia have been hitting our own winners off the court. A range of tennis-related features are now available for you to not only use throughout the duration of the Australian Open, but all year round.

A search for individual players (Novak Djokovic, for example) will return stats on that player including their most recent results and their official world ranking. Meanwhile, throughout the tournament, a search for ‘Australian Open‘ will also return an abundance of instant information, including match schedules and scores.


Given that the Australia Open hasn’t started yet, the Medibank International provides a better example of what you can expect regarding tennis tournament results.


Moreover, a search for ‘tennis players‘ will reward you with an image strip that links through to one of our newest features, Visual Search. After clicking through, you’ll find yourself here where you can explore a stunning gallery of the world’s tennis stars.

Find out who the top money earners are or which players have won the most titles, or simply sort them by country, gender or their reported salary with the tabs and check boxes. You’ll find everything there is to know about all your favourites!


Now, let’s sit back and see if the action on the court matches the action our innovative features are generating off it. Quiet please!

The homepage Bing Australia ran on the opening day of 2011’s Australian Open:


– Bing AU Product Team


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