Make a day of it with Bing Australia

Are you holidaying anytime soon? Bing Australia has two new features that will make your travelling experience a breeze. Let us use the rugby league grand final on Sunday as an example. Say you’re flying to Sydney for the big game; check the status of your flight with Bing to get an instant result. Has the terminal or gate changed? Is the flight on time?

After a Bing search for ‘flight status’, enter the airline and flight number and you’ll get the latest departure and landing times. It’s also handy for family and friends picking you up from the airport. Better still, if you know your flight number, just type it straight into Bing and your flight’s status will be retrieved – all in a single click. Don’t forget that you can share this information using our social networking feature too!

So you’ve been updated on the status of your flight, now it’s time to check the weather forecast. Our already impressive weather feature has been upgraded to now include instant results in the search box. You don’t even have to type the whole word ‘weather’ to know what to pack!

Speaking of the rugby league grand final, we’ll be running a homepage on Sunday showcasing the exciting climax of the NRL season. Don’t miss Monday’s homepage either which will celebrate the 2010 Commonwealth Games – go for gold Aussies!

– Bing AU Product Team

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