The launch of Search History

We at Bing Australia are excited to announce the launch of Search History, a feature which provides an easy way for people to revisit the sites they’ve previously searched.

We all live interrupted lifestyles and now you can pick up where you left off and avoid entering the same Bing queries twice or three times over. Bing history gives you easy access to your recent queries from the search results page which links to a history page that organises your search history in date order.

As an example of search history’s functionality, think about the benefit of this feature in terms of your next holiday. You want to go somewhere new, and naturally you’d like to do some ongoing research before you book. What type of culture should you expect? What are the local cuisines? How much are flights? When is the peak holiday season?

In its vision, Bing places immense importance on both trust and respect for privacy and endeavors to give people control over their information and offer such control in a transparent manner. We understand that search history can be very personal, so Bing has given people the option to turn Search History off, clear the contents of Search History and remove individual items.

Outlined below are the user options around the Search History feature:

·         Off/On switch:  With one click you can choose to turn history on or off. This can be done on the search results page. If you’re about to perform a search that you don’t want remembered as part of your history, just click ‘Turn off’.  When you want to get back to building your search history, you can just as easily turn it back on.

·         Transparency:  Click ‘See all’ to get a complete view of the history that Bing is storing for you.

·         Control: You can remove your entire search history from the search results page (just click ‘Clear all’). For more control, you can delete individual queries or sites from your history by clicking ‘See all’ and then removing individual items. Once you delete an item, it’s gone – it won’t appear in search history again.

·         Time: Currently the items in your search history are available for a period of four weeks. After four weeks, these searched items are no longer retrievable.

Where to find this feature

For further search history details and privacy information, click here.

          Bing Au Product Team


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