Bing’s new wave of features.

Gnarly homepage! Today’s surf-themed Bing homepage coincides with Australia’s longest-running surf event, the Australian Surf Titles which takes place in the New South Wales town of Port Macquarie beginning on Sunday. For those outside of New South Wales, you’ll find it located about 390km north of Sydney, and 570km south of Brisbane.



It’s rather appropriate given the wave of new features that Bing Australia is rolling out, that the ocean and the art of surfing is honoured today with a themed homepage. Now, chances are that if you like surfing you like speed, and if you like speed then you’re bound to like auto-racing. Yes? Well it so happens that one of our new features is an Auto Racing answer.


A search for Formula 1, specific driver names like Mark Webber or individual races like Belgian Grand Prix, will return an answer giving you instant access to series, race and driver information. Whilst if it’s NASCAR you’re into, we’ve got you covered too.


Check back with the Bing Australia blog next week as we’ll announce and outline a brilliant Bing feature that is set to blow the minds of Australian movie-lovers everywhere.



Auto-racing Answers

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