Found in translation.

This weekend Bing Australia will feature two awe-inspiring homepage images. On Saturday (July 31) you’ll find a homepage dedicated to the Wallabies’ quest to wrestle back the Bledisloe Cup from the brilliant All Blacks team. The two clash at Melbourne’s Etihad Stadium in game one of the epic series, with the fourth match being played in Hong Kong. Then on Sunday (August 1) we help horses overcome their long face with a homepage celebrating the horse’s birthday. Hip, Hip!

We at Bing Australia are many things, but one thing we’re not is horse whisperers. Yet if understanding foreign languages is something that piques your interest we have just the feature for you – Bing’s translation feature. It won’t translate horse-speak but it will translate just about anything else.

How do you use it? By preceding your search term with ‘translation’, Bing will retrieve the term’s equivalent word in other languages. For example, a Bing search for ‘translation horse’ will give you this answer:


Translation Answer


Simple as you like. Also be sure to check out Bing’s translator application.

That’s enough horsing around for now.  Until next time, stay tuned for some amazing new features currently being developed.

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