Bing: Bridging the gap.

As you may well know courtesy of our homepage, July is the month in which the first ‘sod’ was turned for the construction of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. It was in 1923, and 87 years on, the bridge is as synonymous with Australia as the Eiffel Tower is to France or the Statue of Liberty to the US.

How does this relate to the search market? Bing Australia endeavors to provide a comprehensive search experience that will earn us our own distinguished reputation. A reputation forged on innovation, simplicity and a deep understanding of our audience.


Just as the Sydney Harbour Bridge connects The Rocks to the North Shore, Bing is your highway to loads of easily accessible information yearning to be discovered. Take this for a perfect example, a Bing search for Sydney Harbour Bridge will return an instant result whilst a search for Sydney attractions, returns an equally informative answer featuring a list of Sydney’s landmarks. These answers cover attractions and landmarks world-wide. And this is just the beginning …

Now you know what we’re all about, feel free to leave a comment and voice your own thoughts.

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