We’re sticking our necks out – literally!

If there are two things Aussies are most passionate about, it’s sport and … humps. That’s why earlier this week (July 5) our homepage featured one of the world’s most grueling sporting events – the Tour de France, and today you’ll find, in the spirit of the Alice Spring’s Camel Cup, an image of a friendly camel. Our commitment to sport definitely isn’t limited to largely publicised events!


You’d be forgiven for not knowing that camels in Australia are the only feral herds of their kind and are estimated to number more than one million. That’s where Bing comes in. Today’s page is packed with enough camel facts to make you specialists on these even-toed ungulates.

If you’re more of a traditionalist when it comes to sports, then we have just the features for you. With Wimbledon’s recent conclusion and the 2010 FIFA World Cup coming to a close, we’ll remind you of our tennis and World Cup answers. You’re sure to agree that we’re building a pretty comprehensive catalogue of sporting answers. Watch this space!

Tennis Answers


Tour de France homepage


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