Sea Slugs and Bing Image Searches …

I bet you never thought you’d hear ‘sea slugs’ and ‘image search’ mentioned in the same sentence. Well here at Bing Australia we’re as unpredictably innovative as ever! Today’s homepage features an amazing blue sea slug, a species which is no stranger to Australian waters, just as Bing is no stranger to creating new features.

Bing’s image search often gets a lot of publicity for the infinite scroll feature that allows users to search through all the images in our archives without having to load a new page. Today we want to highlight a couple of the lesser known image search features:

Image refinement

This is one of the most powerful features in Bing image search and allows you to refine your search by size, colour and style. Suppose you are after a black and white shot of Sydney to use as a desktop background.  No problem, just select “wallpaper” as the size, and “black and white” as the colour, and Bing … there’s your perfect image. 

You can also refine on people shots too. For example, select “just faces” for head shots, or “illustrations” if you’re after a cartoon or drawing.  Image refinement tools are a great and efficient way of finding the image you need.

Same image, different size.

We’ve all been there – finally found the image that we want to use but it’s either too big, too small or the wrong file type.  With this new feature, you can quickly find different versions of that same image. Just click “more sizes” to get a complete list of all the alternatives of that specific image.



As our stunning homepage backgrounds will attest, Bing Australia knows (and loves) its images so it should come as no surprise to find that Bing is setting the image search standard.

Coming soon to the Bing Australia homepage:

Have we gone barking mad? Don’t miss an upcoming Bing homepage (June 25) dedicated to the working dogs of Australia!

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