A New Generation of Search

The Bing AU team is thrilled to announce two new search features! The first of them is ‘Enhanced Results’ which is an imaginative way of saying that a Bing search on your favourite movie stars, musicians or bands will produce an instant result which includes a slideshow image gallery, up-to-the-minute tweets, links to official sites and a list of their movies or songs. All of this is achieved with a single click, giving you what you want faster. Click here to see exactly what we’re talking about.

The second new search feature is ‘Attractions Answer’ which provides instant details on popular attractions in hundreds of cities worldwide. As an example, those romantics amongst us planning to be swept away by Paris can simply search ‘attractions in Paris’ for an instant list of the city’s famous sites. All attractions listed are then a click away from providing a bounty of information (courtesy of Frommer’s guides) including the particular attraction’s location, opening hours and contact information.

-The Bing Product Team

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