Microsoft Inspire 2018 Bing APIs session recordings are now available

The Bing APIs team was in Las Vegas, Nevada, July 15th through the 18th for Microsoft Inspire 2018. If you were not able to attend, the sessions are now available for viewing on the Microsoft Partner Network.

How Partners are Building intelligent experiences with Search and Geospatial


Breakout synopsis: The Bing APIs offer a wide range of solutions for customers to enable customized apps and services. From Cognitive Services search engine services (web, image, visual, news, video, entity, and more) to geospatial mapping and fleet management solutions, these enterprise grade APIs allow customers the ability to create customized, intelligent and immersive experiences harnessing the power of Bing. Join this session and learn how partners are using Bing APIs.

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Open Source Tools and Developing with Bing Maps and Search APIs


Theater synopsis: Open source tools for developers are changing the way companies can integrate the latest location technologies from Bing Maps or intelligent search from using Bing APIs. In this session we'll review several of these new tools and provide insight on how you can accelerate your geospatial application development.

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Easy Site Search Solutions with Bing Custom Search API


Theater synopsis: Your business needs to ensure that your customers can easily find the right product and services. In this session see how, in just minutes, you can create a commercial grade, ad-free, custom site search instance for your website that will improve how customers find content on your website. Learn how thousands of brand name businesses have benefited from great features like being able to customize their search rankings, block unwanted content and review statistics about your customers.

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