Announcing the developer preview for Bing’s new Search APIs

The Bing team knows that developers want solutions that are easy to understand, simple to implement, and can make your apps and experiences smarter and more engaging for your users. Based on feedback from developers, partners and customers, we have created the next-generation of search APIs. Today we are giving a preview of the new Bing Search APIs and inviting developers to try them out.

What’s new in this developer preview?

Some of the new features include the following:
  • Search across hundreds of billions of web pages, images, videos, and news results, with the high performance and relevance you’ve come to expect from Bing, and which tech industry leaders rely on.
  • Autosuggest services to improve accuracy and speed of user input in your apps and sites.
  • Assistive services such as spell check and adult intent signal.
  • Access to trending topics including news, images and videos.
  • Ability to filter image and video results by size, license, style, and price.
A full list of features is provided below.

Why Bing?

The new Bing Search APIs use the same core Bing platform and features that hundreds of millions of monthly users rely on for search across Bing, Cortana, Office, and trusted external partners. Developers at any level—startups looking to stand out with the “next big thing,” enterprise teams making existing applications easier and smarter, or search leaders seeking a best-in-class platform— have instant access to our new search APIs. The new APIs are REST APIs that follow the latest structured data standards (, JSON-LD), making them easy to implement, with the same reliability and support that has made Bing a trusted search service for many industry leaders.

How do I get access to the new APIs?

If you would like to join the developer preview for the new Bing Search APIs, please check them out on the Microsoft Cognitive Services site. You can also learn more about all the services Bing offers to partners on our new Bing for partners website. Bing Search API - Fact Sheet