Open source contribution from Bing: RocksDB is now available in Windows Platform

RocksDB is an open source key-value persistent store, optimized for fast storage. It was started and open-sourced by the Facebook engineering teamIt is performant in contemporary server environments, takes advantage of modern storage media, and drastically improves on the LevelDB foundation it was initially built on. It provides scalability with number of CPUs and storage IOPS (I/O operations per second) to support IO-bound, in-memory and write-once workloads. So far, RocksDB managed to generate significant interest within the Internet community. You can learn more about RocksDB usage here

The Bing platform team is glad to announce that the Windows port of RocksDB has been merged to the GitHub master branch.  With this port, we brought to Windows a performant and functionally equivalent RocksDB build. We’re offering it not only to teams within Microsoft but also to the RocksDB community and any Windows developer who needs to integrate a high-performance and robust storage solution into their projects. We're working closely with the RocksDB team to support Windows integration in future releases.

Check the RocksDB Windows Port Contribution Notes​ for porting goals, major work description and other details.

Bing STC-SV Platform team
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