Bot Framework samples using Bing and Cognitive Services APIs now available

New bot samples leveraging Bing and Cognitive Services APIs are now available in the Bot Framework samples github repository. The samples showcase how bot developers can leverage the capabilities of our APIs in the areas of computer vision, speech, and image search to build smarter conversational experiences.

The samples are available in C# and Node.js. You can find more information and links to the code samples in the Bot Framework blog.

We are planning to release many more samples in the future as part of our continuous commitment to help the bot developer community build the next great bots. If you have ideas for code samples you'd like to see next, do not hesitate to post them to our uservoice forum.

Happy bot building!

Example sample shown below - Product bot helps you find visually similar products, as well as recommends merchant sites to buy them online

Visually similar product bot search

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