How Cardinal Blue Software and WildWorld use Bing APIs to create search experiences that delight consumers

App companies Cardinal Blue Software and WildWorld are using Bing APIs, now part of Microsoft Cognitive Services, to create innovative consumer experiences that delight and help secure a competitive advantage.

Read the customer stories below to find out how the Bing APIs factor into their success.

Cardinal Blue Software

Cardinal Blue Software, with offices in both San Francisco and Taipei, makes PicCollage, a popular mobile app that allows users to combine photos, videos, captions, stickers, and special effects to create unique collages and images that they can share with friends. PicCollage is a top ranked app with more than 120 million downloads. Using a set of APIs from Microsoft Cognitive Services, Cardinal Blue is now expanding the capabilities of its apps and offering customers new ways to express their creativity.

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App developer WildWorld provides a unique online social-shopping community where people who are passionate about outdoor recreation (and gear) connect through shared experiences. People browse photos, identify and locate the products they see, and purchase them online at the best prices.

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For more information about the Bing APIs, go to

  • The Bing team
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