Interested in speech on Windows Phone 8? MVVM and Bing

For the last decade, Rob Chambers, Program Management Lead in Bing, has been working on speech technology.  He recently wrote a helpful article on the MVVM (Model, View, View Model) pattern and speech for Windows Phone 8 that features his app, Go Search On.  

While the app is targeted at understanding the MVVM paradigm, there is a lot of logic and implementation detail on how he’s integrated Bing-powered speech recognition into the app. Rob has a uniquely accessible explanation on MVVM, and Go Search On is a real app that you can download for free. This is a rare opportunity to see real production code with a guided tour through all the details.

Check out Rob's article on MSDN, and start developing with Bing's speech capabilities on Windows Phone 8.  Enjoy!

The Bing Developer Team

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