Continuing the Journey: New Features for the Bing Webmaster Tools

Today, we are announcing the release of new features for the Bing Webmaster tools. These features are a direct response to feedback we’ve received since our launch last month which was announced in Anthony’s “A New Beginning: Bing Webmaster Tools” blog post.

The loudest feedback was, “I want to download my data!” . . . so, we’ve added a new data export capability which enables you to export and download data from Bing Webmaster Tools about your registered sites. You can export up to six months of data in the form of a downloadable, comma-delimited CSV file. The following data downloads are available by selecting the ‘Export’ button in the UI:


Available data fields

Export Crawl, Index, and Traffic Stats

Date, Pages Crawled, Pages with Crawl Errors, Pages Indexed, Impressions, Clicks

Export Queries

Query, Impressions, Clicks, Click-Through Rate

Export Crawl Details

URL, HTTP Code, Type

Export Sitemaps

Name, Date Submitted, Type, Status

Export Blocked URLs

URL, Entity Type, Block Type, Date

Export Query String Parameters

Parameter, Date

Export Registered Sites

Registered URL, Site verification status, verification code used

The second area we received consistent feedback on is allowing more control of how Bing crawls your sites. We’ve added a “Crawl Settings” page, and the first setting made available is “Add Query String Parameters.” As you likely know, query string parameters in URLs can result in multiple variations of a URL all pointing to the same content. Site owners can now add query string parameters that can be ignored when indexing their sites, thus gaining multiple advantages: it prevents duplicate content in the Bing index, it avoids having a page’s index value split between multiple URL variations, and avoids unnecessary site bandwidth usage by the search crawler.

We have many additional features planned for the coming months . . . but we are listening closely to, and adjusting our plans based on your input and feedback. Continue to express yourself by sending us feedback, suggestions, and questions either through blog comments or the Bing Webmaster Tools & Feature Requests forum.

— Steve Tullis, Senior Program Manager Lead, Bing Webmaster Tools

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  1. cellhub

    That is the awesome information for the binger(user of bing), well thanks for sharing.

    Thanks Again.

  2. Quality Directory

    This is a welcome improvement, but I still find the Webmaster Tools very slow, because of heavy use of SilverLight. When do we expect to have the backlink tool back?

  3. amd00x

    Not bad!

  4. revotrad

    nice post…….

  5. verdecove

    Haven't used Bing webmaster tools in a while and I am very positive surprised about the new tools. Good Job and Keep going guys – Google isn't all in this internet world! Bing has the potential to compete with Google.

  6. ajwatt92

    New features sound good – unfortunately, I can't access anything useful because I'm not a Windows user – so much for accessibility :(

    I've seen a lot of posts in the forum stating that the 100% silverlight interface makes the tools inaccessible for many, and slow for those who can access them – is that feedback going to be taken into account?

    I agree with the others who stated that the backlinks tool would be useful to have back.  A geo-location tool would be useful too, since currently there is seemingly no officially supported way to tell Bing what county/region we are targeting.

  7. Spidercat

    Hi Rick,

    I'm looking forward to using the new tools – I especially like the parameter tools. I'm having trouble getting the index explorer to work though. Is it just me? It happens at home on my Mac and at work on my PC.

    Also, any plans to include backlinks again or is that gone for good?

  8. jaysongbsn

    Like verdecove, I haven't used bing webmaster tools in a bit. I'll have to check out the new features and start using it again. Downloadable data is certainly a huge bonus. Thanks

  9. G3Creative

    Is it only windows 7 users that can access the tools and not Mac OSX ?

  10. sctullis

    @g3 creative solutions:  You can use Mac OS, as long as you have a browser which can run silverlight.  You can also use the down-level verison which does not support silverlight.

  11. mike_farrel_tomatala

    Really great post and discussion.

  12. guylogan

    This is a really positive move, I think Bing Webmasters will be up to speed soon if all these developments keep coming as quickly. For example, being able to download data is essential so I'm glad you've added this feature now.

  13. royhunters

    How about making the site verification work, that would really impress me.

  14. andycoteman

    Really need the backlink tool back please folks


  15. nyul1707

    nice share,,

  16. krwetatnt

    great post and discussion

  17. indianbizman

    With out backlink no use of this tools…

  18. David biedun
  19. CoyCoy

    @Archie Watt, you can always use SL on Windows, Mac, *nix (using Monolight)… There exist a concept of interoperability in SL. Bing it sometime 😉

  20. sohel

    I dont think Ive seen all the angles of this subject the way youve pointed them out. Youre a true star, a rock star man. Youve got so much to say and know so much about the subject that I think you should just teach a class about it

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