Changes to Bing, UI navigation to Webmaster Center

Did you hear the news? Bing was recently upgraded with another set of exciting end-user features. Instead of reciting the long list of changes here, I’ll just point you to the blog post in the Bing Search blog titled, “Bing’s Next Chapter Begins Today.” The Bing engineering team has been focused on improving the already cool features that have made using Bing so much fun.

One edit to the Bing home page has changed the way users navigate to the Toolbox page, the Webmaster Center tools, the blog, and the forums pages. On the Bing home page, click the EXPLORE link in the left list to browse to the Bing at a glance page. Scroll down that page to find all of the aforementioned links for the Webmaster Center resources.

Note that once past the Bing home page, the More link, which also links to the Bing at a glance page, is still listed in the top left of all other Bing pages.

See you again soon…

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. oizaaks

    What is the reason if Bing remove many good sites from Crawling. Example was indexed properly in Bing, but in the last months it is disappear at all. The pages are not getting indexed at ALL!! We did not find any results for Search tips: Ensure words are spelled correctly. Can you let me know why we should be excited?

    Thank you

  2. rickdej


    Please post this question in the Bing Crawling/Indexing Discussion forum. The Bing forums moderator can be of service to you there! Thanks!


  3. rickdej


    We do have a link to the main Bing Toolbox site on the Bing at a glance page (admittedly its near the bottom!). From there, it is only one click to go to the Webmaster toolbox page (same goes for the Developer Center Toolbox and the Ads & Campaign Tools Toolbox). Is this what you were looking for?


  4. Anonymous

    all your features and tools dont work, even now you have merged msn and yahoo.. im afraid your ranking criteria is totally topsy turvy because there are sites which are the number one in the world on a topic not even being listed in search results and little blogspot blogs getting top ranking instead

    take one of mine for example

    if you search the words sak yant nothing comes up that site is the number one authority with hundreds of pages if not thousands has absolutely thousands of incoming and outgoing links, sitemaps submitted and verification codes for google yahoo and msn/bing – on my bing webmaster tools all my sub pages are listed but the main hom,epage is completely absent. None of those pages come up even searching with a specific page title as a search term, whereas lots of crappy little blogs with almost no relevance do!

    I get top rank with google and yahoo, but binbg is incapable of registering any of my pages in its search results. All sites which use wordpress that i have do not get listed.

    your criteria fgor valuing websites does not reflect quality of content or popularity also not readership count. My site has much more readers and traffic than any of the results you show for my keywords on a bing search.

    I dont care though because your search engine wont make it anyway from msn and yahoo downgrade to bing.. even yahoo is advertising using adwords from google haha that proves you are losing the battle. So dont worry webmasters, if you are looking for good seo stick with google they get 70 to 80 percent of all the people anyway.

    I dont know what algorythms you use but they dont reflect the real importance of the best websites in results.

    Maybe this is good for people who have crappy blogs and otherwise wouldnt come up in a search result haha.

    But for anyone who understands real seo they wouldnt give bing the time of day.

    Try leaving the asp odbc and turning to php and xml etc, because aspx is crap for search engine technology

  5. Alsace Web Agency

    thanks for the link!

  6. curigabriele

    <p>Good progress… keep it up</p>



    <p><a rel="nofollow" target="_new" href="…/p&gt;

  7. thelostagency

    I would have to agree with @alex "gambling.." adding the webmaster link to more locations such as would make sense.

  8. Fisch

    Is it right that you need a new account for Bing Webmaster Center and the old one from Live Search is irrelevant?

  9. hotels

    I think the old stays the same to the new one but am unsure @fisch.

  10. dvrmdmr

    thanks very good share.

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