MSNBot 1.1 is retired

The Bing team has been talking about its new crawler (aka bot), MSNBot 2.0b, in this blog for quite some time now. We have made numerous improvements in its performance, addressed some webmaster concerns, and published detailed information on how to control the bot with a robots.txt file. Today we are announcing that the new bot is fully operational. This development will enable Bing to do a better job at gathering the information we need from the myriad of websites we index worldwide.

As MSNBot 2.0b enters full-scale production, the time has come to retire our previous generation bot, MSNBot 1.1. By the end of the first week in November, you will no longer see the following user agent in your referrer logs:

msnbot/1.1 (+

The only Bing user agent you will see in your logs from this point forward will be this, our new bot:

msnbot/2.0b (+

This event is a major milestone for the Bing engineering team, and we look forward to the positive developments that this bot will bring to our search engine index and thus to Bing customers. We want to specifically thank all those webmasters who provided us with valuable feedback as we ramped up the production of the new bot. Your assistance and cooperation was essential to making this milestone happen.

Stay tuned for more information about this and other developments from the Bing engineering team. We’ll have a lot more to talk about in the coming weeks and months.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, feel free to post them in our Crawling/Indexing Discussion forum. Be back at you soon…

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. Anonymous

    Gold watch and party hat for MSNBot 1.1

  2. Anonymous

    Does this mean your search engine might index something other my sitemap now?  Because that would be awesome.

  3. Anonymous

    When will 2.0 retire for google bot. lol jk

  4. Anonymous

    Will you be able to offer a stronger set of webmaster tools as a result of the new bot?  It would be great if you could provide deeper metrics and data that rivals or exceeds that of Google.

  5. Anonymous

    Will we ab able to see the additional information in Bing's Webmaster Center?

  6. onewhitewedding

    Looking forward to it – fingers crossed the update will help my sites get more pages indexed :)

  7. leyfear

    thank you for telling the discussion. i want to be there but nowadays i am very busy and have to work…

  8. Anonymous

    it would be interesting read somethign about the improvements of the Bot. You know, it's a decade that you are going around with it, at least, since you announced the new version, you could have revelead some stuff.

    I still waiting it on my web site as well as understand how it really crawl pdf files.

  9. Televisions

    As has been said before will you be offering more webmaster tool. For me google analytics is a great application and tool for my blog but it'd be nice if there was an alternative.

  10. Alsace Web Agency

    R.I.P. msnbot/1.1 !

  11. profenceworks

    Will there be visible differences for the untrained eye?

  12. hotels


  13. Anonymous

    thanks a lot it's very helpful

  14. Anonymous

    So as webmasters do we have to do anything differently?

  15. raphael

    Does this change include the msnbot-mobile ?

  16. rickdej


    No, it doesn't. This announcement only pertains to the MSNBot 1.1 crawler.


  17. jpandian

    No offence, but I wish you guys would moderate your forums, it is such a hassle searching for information from any kind from this forum.

    Spammy comments do not help people like me who are searching for very specific information – it wastes our time and shows callous disregard for individuals Bing is trying to win over.

  18. aechague10

    You should work on improving the search results in other languages, not only in English. And find a way to index sitemaps of more web pages.

  19. Jiimy Norton

    Is this new crawler seo friendly ?

  20. Kareena

    Great addition

  21. useasymalls

    Thank you

  22. sang33th

    The bot still lags in indexing new blogs

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