New bot work continues at Bing

Back in December of 2008, we alerted you to the possibility that you might start seeing our new web crawler in your referrer logs. Given the recent excitement around the arrival of Bing, we wanted to take a moment to update you on the latest bot news.

As we said earlier, you will see the new Bing crawler user agent string listed as:

msnbot/2.0b (+

Note that we didn’t change the bot’s name for Bing. You’ll also see the previous version of the bot as well —

msnbot/1.1 (+

— which is still in use, as of today, as Bing’s primary user agent.

We are busy working on our improved crawler and plan to ramp up its workload as we move toward the goal of putting it into full production. As a result, webmasters may begin seeing an increased amount of traffic from the new bot on their sites.

We do not anticipate any problems related to our increasing emphasis on MSNBot 2, but the unexpected can’t always be avoided, no matter how hard you try! As such, we wanted to preemptively alert folks to the most effective way to report bot and crawling issues to Bing’s support team in case they arise. If you have any feedback for us on either the existing or the new MSNBot, or on any other matters pertaining to crawling your website, please post your comments and questions in our crawling/indexing forum. Our Webmaster Center forums moderator will follow-up with you ASAP. Please include in your forum post the identity of the user agent that is the source of your concern so we can help you that much faster. Thank you!

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. Ryan IT

    A new bot version isn't the most useful piece of information, but at least you guys are working hard.  Keep up the good work!

  2. Anonymous

    Awsome! Go bing.. Keep up the progress.

  3. Anonymous

    Curious, why will this new bot will be better?

  4. Quality Directory

    Ever since this new bot was mentioned at MSDN Webmaster Blog, I still see only the regular MSNBot and MSN Media in my log stats. I use Awstats and I feel it's not current on the activities of this new crawler.

  5. Anonymous

    I am seeing MSN Bot in my log stats too

  6. Anonymous

    And I have been anticipating that MSN bot ultimately be rechristened as BINGot or Bing bot.

  7. Anonymous

    They appear to have several versions of the bot running, for reasons that have yet to be explained.

    But I believe we are seeing a new era of Good Citizenship when it comes to bots, where companies are accountable for the bandwidth their bots consume and the method they are used.

  8. Anonymous

    keep up the progress for seo bing

  9. himanshu_swaraj

    They are still using the older version ie. MSNBOT 1.1, there is no clarification that when they will start using MNSBOT 2.0 fully..

  10. Anonymous

    Hello Bing Community,

    I have recently noticed that some of my traffic is coming from and the users land on my home page rather than the subpages.  The other search engines like google sends the traffic to both home page and subpages as well.  Wondering, why  doesn't send any traffic to the subpages on my site?

    Does anyone get traffic to their both home and sub pages from


  11. Anonymous

    sounds interesting can't wait for the see what's improved

  12. Anonymous

    I don't see this is a huge problem until the search engines start seeing the # sign as an actually portion of the url and indexing them.  Currently, and correct me if I am wrong, but anything after a # sign is not seen by the engines and therefor really poses no threat to seo.

  13. Anonymous

    It will certainly be interesting to discover what msnbot/2.0 does that msnbot/1.1 doesn’t. Keep up the great work Bing team…Bing is a vast improvement over Live!

  14. dropshipping

    Does this mean Bing will be indexing websites and pages faster? Also will this improve speed times of pages updating?

  15. luke.sarker


    I don't think so.

  16. sevenquids

    Can't wait to see you guys fix the big monopoly problem in the search space. I wish Bing the best. Keep going.

  17. Anonymous

    Thank for this info. Is good to know. But the name, bingbot sound better!



  18. sanatorium52

    Awsome! Go bing.. Keep up the progress.

  19. Anonymous

    Much as  like the look of bing, it will be hard for it to compete if it's only indexing a fraction of what Google does.  Looking at our site's crawl stats for the past few months, here who's visited how many times:

    msnbot: 61156 visits

    slurp: 1526063 visits

    googlebot: 12258352 visits

    All have our site map.  Speaks for itself, doesn't it?

  20. ghostbb8888

    look like bing isn't faster for site!


    send your bots to me guys :):)

    i hope they will index feeds contents too!



    Are you planning to add XMLRPC support for pinging the bot?



  23. ops @ enclave inc

    Will be good to a different approach to how Google has been doing things. Look forward to seeing the bot crawls

  24. fitnessdad70

    So Bing is going to have a new BOT does that mean you'll tell us how it works or does it really mean anything to us since we don't know how it works?

  25. Andreas Dittes

    @jason: not necessarily. of course they try to improve it with stuff like the sitemap.xml, so that is a good way for webmasters to improve their indexing.

  26. karadagli_61


  27. zhangmin_iichiba

    welcome msnbot to my website i will watch them in log

  28. pynegreg

    I'm not sure why but it seems to take a long time to index my site. After almost 2 months only 50% of my pages are listed.

  29. Anonymous

    Curious, why will this new bot will be better?

  30. miles2go

    I already expeirenced it now my site crawled fast.

  31. Anonymous

    Good Article, I was not knowing about bing bots. Great information shared by you

  32. miles2go

    New bot i think better and help to get index fast.

  33. Anonymous

    thanks admin

  34. Anonymous

    tahnks of

  35. shanekarenangus

    why does bing revert to United States serches when i have set UK as my preference?

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