Create custom 404 error webpages for IIS

I guess you can’t RT useful and interesting blog articles as easily as you can tweets, so I’m writing here today to pass on the latest news from our teammates in the Bing Developer Center. They’ve just released the updated Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit.

I’ll be talking about custom 404 error pages on this blog soon, but for those who want a head-start on the subject, be sure to check out the Developer Center blog post Customize your 404 error pages with the Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit.

Look for the next SEM 101 column shortly!

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. jgdeacon

    I can't seem to get a clean installation of 3D Bing Maps, I just keep getting configuration errors and a banner which says, "3D has detected that the hardware accelerator is turned off" I have removed and reinstalled the 3D Bing Maps about four times and it just doesn't work for me, any ideas

  2. Anonymous

    why  cnt u get a clean installation of 3d bind maps

    and how do u create custom 404 error web pages

  3. Anonymous

    I'm counting on you.

  4. Quality Directory

    I will read this updated Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit. I developed my own custom error pages. But I'm yet to achieve inserting a part of the searched URL into a search string and displaying related URLs on my 404 page.

  5. Anonymous

    This is great news. Best of luck for the future and keep up the good work.

  6. get backlinks

    i will check it and update here

  7. Blackpool UK

    this is brilliant news

  8. Anonymous

    Thanks for the "Page Error Toolkit" … is great tool.

  9. Anonymous

    I prefer to handle error page by myself …it give me more control.

  10. latest news

    I read article about customization of 404 error pages with the Bing API Web Page Error Toolkit. I think it could be very useful for many users here.

  11. Anonymous

    You have any idea about 301 redirection issues?

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks good news for me too.

  13. Answer Blip Trivia

    I think its also helpful to say that there is the option of 301ing the 404 page to another page to retain any link metrics the deleted page might have gained.

  14. David Law

    I agree with answer blip, if a page is findable through a search engine there's a good chance it holds some link benefit. Better to send that benefit via a 301 redirect to a related page (similar content to the deleted page) or the home page.

    David Law

  15. Quality Directory

    When will this API be updated to accommodate Apache web sever, and not only IIS? I'm looking forward for this to happen.

  16. fitnessdad70

    Great Information

  17. fitnessdad70

    Bing has the most informational material google is worthless

  18. Anonymous

    I'm counting on you.

  19. Anonymous

    Yes we are waiting for announcements from Bing related to their new crawling and indexing techniques.

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