Bing keeps the web safe with malware filter

We at Bing absolutely believe that security is one of our top priorities. We will keep investing in security, as one of our primary goals is to protect and secure our users and provide them with a safe search experience.

What have we noticed in Bing?

Over the last year, we have seen an increase in social engineering malware. Malware providers mostly target popular search queries on antivirus products, free software downloads, and related technical queries. Their intent is to game the search engine to show their malware sites as top results for the popular queries. This is done by using various search engine spam techniques (page-level and link-level spam techniques). We have also noticed that the number of searches for the queries the malware providers target (for example, antivirus products in various forms) is significant and that they consistently show up in our list of top queries.

Good news for Bing users

In response to this growing threat, Bing has invested in ways to identify and filter sites that download malicious software. We call this feature our Malware Filter. This feature complements our existing Drive-By-Download detection by identifying and removing social engineering malware sites from our results. We can block new threats from existing malicious sites, even if those threats are not yet blocked by traditional antivirus or anti-malware signatures. Here are some examples of what types of sites we are now blocking and how they might infect our users with what they download:

What users think they’re downloading


  •   Antivirus & antispyware products
  •  Free videos, codecs, & images
  •  Utilities or other software
  • Online greeting cards
  • Games 



Types of files they are actually downloading

  • Viruses
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Trojan horses
  • Backdoors
  • Dialers
  • Worms
  • Downloaders
  • Password stealers
  • Monitoring software

From our analysis on sites blocked by our malware filter, a significant portion of the malware sites are fake antivirus product sites. Bing’s Malware Filter is now protecting our users who make queries for those products.

For comprehensive protection from malware, we highly recommend that users also install traditional antivirus products and keep them updated.

How you can help

Please report sites that you think may be malicious using the Bing support form. In the drop down list describing the type of problem, select Other, then complete the rest of the form and click submit.

We’re committed to protecting our users from the attacks of today and those of the future.  Please stay tuned for more blog posts on our security endeavors to protect our users and keep the Internet a safe place to search.

~Sasi Parthasarathy, Bing Index Quality Group

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  1. earnestster

    Thank you very much for this information. I makes a lot of sense to inform users of false security sites. I am pleased as a user that you are prepared to spend for security resources.Makes me feel safer.

  2. Anonymous

    I am anwar from indonesia agree that security is one of top priorities

  3. Anonymous

    this is a nice touch you have added here microsoft bing resorces it makes the internets safer but still hackers and mallicious people tend to try and find loop holes so stay on the look out

  4. Anonymous

    i'm happy to see that bing are removing malware from search results, however i know this is an uphill struggle. malware authors are very persistent in pushing their crud!

    for example, searching for screensavers on bing returns results of sites that have a long history of pushing all forms of malware at the same time as lacklustre screensaver products.

    what's the process bing uses to determine whether a site performs drive-by installs of malware, or if its primary use is to host malware even if the end-user has to click to download?

  5. Anonymous

    That's really great. I feel that I am surfing through 'Bing' very comfortably.

  6. Quality Directory

    It's helpful to see that Bing has added the Malware Filter to filter out malicious websites. Security is my top priority now.

  7. NextBingThing

    I'm glad to read this entry. I use IE8 and am very impressed with the Smartscreen Downloads filter. To have this Malware filter just goes to prove I know who to trust when I'm online. THanks to you all for keeping me safe:-)

  8. jackin

    so we a are safe on bing no need to worry aout anything? Thanks bing for nice security system!

  9. Anonymous

    Where can you report a malware site to bing that it is listing?

  10. rickdej

    We just added the link to the post for reporting to Bing Support any malware sites you encounter. Thanks for your support in this effort!

    Rick DeJarnette

  11. raphnix

    I personally observed that this common malwares came from pop ads. I once happen to allow one pop up and more ads came up.

  12. Anonymous

    Thanks for the malware protection.

    I hope we can continue to protect our internet for safer surfing, purchasing and downloading

  13. Neat Articles

    If its like how google filters this junk out – you all better start working on fixing it already… :)

  14. Neat Articles

    Nice – Thank You Bing!

  15. larasatiquinn

    Nice info.. thx

  16. sam.perkins

    Great addition to an already awesome search engine!

  17. coktri

    Thanks for the malware protection, web site that have been attacked could have a malicious code inserted without knowing by the site owner, the malicious code intend to be downloading the malware or trojan to the user pc

  18. luke.sarker

    Hy, guys!! the form is all in one form You can request content addition, removal,  enhanced caption removal and update the best match result also.

  19. nexcheck

    Good to see you are not overlooking users safety.

  20. fitnessdad70

    Bing does it again with great info

  21. Anonymous

    Nice – Thank You Bing!

  22. miles2go

    If it does it then its big achievement, user's of bing will increase.

  23. Anonymous

    This is too cool, finally a search engine that is actively trying to protect the users. Very nice indeed, now we can search without worry. Thanks!

  24. Anonymous

    i don't konw why this isn't working, but i just installed antis virus 2009 on my window vista, using norton antivirus 2009 with anti virus, but i still have trouble with my malware. it is not working right. what am i doing wrong? i just unstalled the whole version and then installed the new version and everything else is working except the spyware and malware won't work. please help me, i have a disk. barbara mc murray

  25. Anonymous

    Thank you for the safety of blocking malicious spy ware its

    a thoughtful thing to do thank you.

  26. Anonymous

    What's up with Bing filtering out google adense ads?  I searched my blog in Bing and it removes all adsense ads?  Is this normal?

  27. Anonymous

    When I typed in the address of a webwite, sometimes Bing took over and did a search on it. I was annoyed and thought it was a glitch somewhere so did an internet chat with the tech support of my ISP. They were totally useless at telling me what caused this to happen. They told me that I must be making errors in typing the addresses of the website!!! (And they are a BIG ISP in Canada, with a comprehensive security progam to which I subscribed. After

    reading this article I realize that Bing was probably doing a check on some websites I wanted to visit, and also filtering my queries online. Anyway, because the tech support for this ISP is poor in so many ways, I have cancelled and am going with a new IP Thanks for the explanation.  

  28. JasonAndres

    Bing is flagging a website with malware incorrectly. I have submitted the forms requesting this malware message to be removed. I have setup the Bing webmaster tools and they report several URL's as having malware, none of which are true. Not wanting to post the domain here, Bing support please contact me directly. Can anyone comment on how to determine what Bing flags as malware, the webmaster tools show me the URL's but do not say why they are flagged. I have scanned all files internally with 3 different leading antivirus vendors and externally with WhiteHat and McAffee daily scans and they all report everything is fine. So far it has been over 1 week with no resolution.

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