Bing enhances support for large Sitemaps

We have another quick but important announcement today.

Bing, along with the other search engines that are a part of, has announced support for the following Sitemap enhancements:

1. You can now include up to 50,000 references (either URLs or links to child Sitemaps) in your sitemap.xml index file. Until recently, Sitemap files only supported about 1,000 child references. This enhancement will be very useful to extremely large sites, as now a single, large Sitemap index file, referencing up to 50,000 child Sitemap files, each of which referencing up to 50,000 URLs, can reference up to a total of 2.5 billion URLs.

2. A slight modification of the Sitemaps XSD schemas helps developers and applications to validate Sitemaps content against defined types. For example, the attribute lastmod is now xsd:date instead of xsd:string. We aim to improve Sitemaps quality with this modification. Note that the Sitemap schema version is still identified as version 0.9.

Let’s take a look at some sample code from a Sitemap.xml file to see how the schema change affects your work. The lastmod attribute in the new Sitemaps protocol requires a date value rather than a string. The following example is valid code because the lastmod data matches the type defined by xsd:date:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<urlset xmlns=”″>

The following is an example of a lastmod field entry that never properly worked, but was technically valid because it matched the previous protocol as a xsd:string:

<?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”UTF-8″?>
<urlset xmlns=”″>
      <lastmod>last fall at noon</lastmod>

Please see Sitemaps XML format for more information on the current Sitemap protocol. Once you have your Sitemap ready to submit, you can either log on to Bing’s Webmaster Center tools and use the Sitemap tool or send it to us with your browser at<YOUR URL>/sitemap.xml. You’ll need to add in your site’s URL at the end of the submission string before you submit it. Note that Bing only accepts XML files for Sitemaps.

If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions, please feel free to post them in our Sitemap protocol forum. Thank you!

— Rick DeJarnette, Bing Webmaster Center

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  1. Anonymous


    Could you indicate a link with a practical example for download, if possible, about the use of "xsd:date instead of "xsd:string?

    Facilitate our life! We believe in Bing as business! :)

    Thank you!

  2. himadventures

    This is almost like google sitemap and bing also supports same way. You can include 50K URL's now but one thing is still not sure if i t will index image URL's or not. Only time will tell.

  3. jackin

    Like it is written above that "You can now include up to 50,000 references (either URLs or links to child Sitemaps" what about images url?

  4. Quality Directory

    I have a large site but not large enough to need this new enhancement.

  5. Anonymous

    A good enhancement.

  6. Anonymous

    bling doesnt have the satellite view of the maps. this makes me harder to locate my pins on it and there are no street veiw of it and no displays of districts or states in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu,India. you need to provide more user friendly in editing the maps of google. the local residents will be the most benefitted from it. Please give more privillages like maps. hope your new venture is very creative and challenging to the big G – the 'GooGle'

  7. Anonymous

    Good stuff. Thanks and greetings!

  8. Anonymous

    Please keep posting more blogs for webmaster and publishers. One blog per day is not enough.

  9. RojoMan

    So where can I submit the sitemap?

  10. Anonymous

    nice work when is it ready?

  11. Anonymous

    Keep it coming webmaster team! :)

  12. Anonymous

    well what about mobile sitemaps… i mean for mobile website and how to submit them..

  13. papaspiridis

    does your sitemap index have to be stored in sitemap.xml or can it be any other file?

  14. rickdej

    Great feedback! I updated the post to include an example of how the lastmod attribute was changed. I also added information on how to submit your sitemap.xml file to Bing.

    Rick DeJarnette

  15. DownloadPlex

    I thing bing need to change webmaster central like google that will better for webmaster but now bing have good tool at the moment. :)

  16. Anonymous

    I, too, have been looking for info on how to submit an xml sitemap.  HELP!

  17. luke.sarker

    I used simple sitemap but I thing bing can't read that.

  18. wizdom75

    I don't suppose there is nothing wrong with using sitemaps generated for google?

  19. Anonymous

    Great stuff! When its finish?

  20. let_me_loveyou2


  21. Anonymous

    That is great, should come in very handy!

  22. Anonymous

    oh good !

  23. miles2go

    50000 references are more then enough. For all the blogger and webmaster.

  24. Anonymous

    I'm starting work with Bing now and I'm very impressed with the first results!

  25. Anonymous

    I don't understand the 2.5 billion limit here, when the website clearly explain there is no limit.

  26. Anonymous

    thanks admin

  27. Anonymous

    thanks of

  28. djachao

    This is great, does anybody know a free tool to create sitemaps for big sites? more than 1000 pages on a row? I'm trying to create a sitemap for my site .

  29. chilli


  30. WealthChanging

    Great information… Thank you Rick D. for going back and adding in the extra info!


  31. igor.beslic

    What is relation between blog post title and content? Large sitemaps – I believed I would read here how to do that in bing webmaster tools – split large file into pices etc. But instead I'm reading something what I already know withot reading this post. Grrr… good job reminds me to IE

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  33. Md. Shams Sultan


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