Bing contributes to SIR6

Here at Microsoft, the fun is not just working on interesting projects but sharing interesting results across groups to help our users. And when this information exchange is in the area of security, you just feel elated that you have done the right thing. Thanks to our friends at Microsoft Malware Protection Center (MMPC), we were able to publish some interesting data analysis for the security community through Microsoft’s Security Intelligence Report (SIR).

Bing and Search Security

We at Bing believe that search security is one of our top priorities. Our search offering to warn users of Drive-By-Download URLs in their search results has received excellent customer feedback. We detect over 1M Drive-By-Download URLs on an average every month.

What have we noticed in Bing?

We have been closely monitoring and analyzing the data after we shipped the feature to detect Drive-By-Download URLs in Bing index. We have summarized what we think is the most interesting data on Drive-By-Downloads and their effect on Bing. Some key takeaways from our data analysis:

  1. Analysis of local and global TLDs of Drive-By-Download URLs: The risk of Drive-By-Downloads is not spread equally among internet users worldwide. Users in some part of the world are more at risk than in other parts. The top local and global TLDs hosting Drive-By-Download pages are given below.
  2. Analysis of Network Operators: If we analyze a level deeper than TLDs, we can figure that more than half of Drive-By-Download pages are hosted by just 10 network operators – 6 in China, 3 in US and one in Russia.
  3. Analysis of exploit servers: The top 12.8% of exploit servers (servers that host the malicious code that infect the Drive-By-Download URLs) accounted for 84.1% of Drive-By-Download pages. From our analysis, majority of Drive-By-Download URLs are often hacked to pull in exploit code from exploit servers that end up attacking end users

Top local TLDs affected

% of sites hosting

Drive-BY-Download pages

Top global TLDs affected

% of sites hosting

Drive-BY-Download pages





















































You can download the entire SIR report from

How can you help Bing?

Please report sites that you think may be malicious using Bing feedback.

We’re committed to protecting our users from the attacks of today and the attacks of the future.  Please stay tuned for more blogs on our security projects.

~Sasi Parthasarathy, Bing Index Quality Group

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  1. Anonymous

    ye song bada hi must hai.!!!!!!!!!

  2. amol_wagh

    Hello , I am an ethical hacker and I guess this step of SIR contribution is very important from the security perspective of all users. We see plenty of web pages out there which have viruses and malwares embedded in it. It destroys our privacy and harass us on your computer. All search engines should follow this step taken by bing.

    Thank You all Bing Makers and Developers

  3. ccssmikael

    secured. that's bing!

  4. Quality Directory

    I'm at a point where I worry about Malware everyday. Someone wants to take my business down. Probably a competitor or something. I'm studying about how to secure my sites more than I've done in the past.

  5. Anonymous

    cool bing….

  6. Anonymous

    perhaps i'll agree with you

  7. Anonymous

    I helped out with the creation of the Google Hacking Data Base (GHDB) back in the early days. I wonder if the Bing team have any plans to let Webmasters know of basic security errors like having default config files which contain password data.

    Or maybe even telling Webasters about potential sql injection issues.

    this would not require full site scans, it could be done in the normal bing bot visit.

    Just an idea to help out those webmasters who don't either know about security or have made an error in the setting up of their site.

  8. Blackpool UK

    i agree with this, much better for bing users.

  9. websiteguy

    I think if Bing makes this a point of emphasis in their new marketing campaigns then they could really gain some ground on Google and Yahoo.

  10. Anonymous

    I don't really agree with the current Bing SERP, I think the related topic should not be included in the actual SERP, it only make the search result less relevant. But that is only my personal opinion….. what does you guys think?

  11. Anonymous

    I totally appreciate that, I have had so many malware problems when I surf that I lost count!

    Way to go man!

  12. Anonymous

    I'm glad to find this report tool, could help many webmasters to determine some bad sites!

  13. RojoMan

    I see that some of ttld not included yet

  14. Anonymous

    ye song bada hi must hai.!!!!!!!!!

  15. miles2go

    Great if bing becoming the securest search engine. Help the bing users.

  16. Anonymous

    I fully understand that I have so many malware problems.

  17. dvrmdmr

    very good search engine i like it

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