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  1. Anonymous

    Nice presentation guys and congrats for those new improvements to your webmaster tools. I am now using them on a regular basis.

  2. Anonymous

    Beautifully done! Thank you very much for the work.

  3. Anonymous

    Hi Nathan

    Much chance you can put your SMX advanced presentation up on slide share? The developer track one contained some useful tips and I’d like to reference you in a post I’m working on. Thanks!

  4. Anonymous

    Thanks for sharing the slides with us!

  5. Anonymous

    This is exactly what I’m working on now. Thanks for posting this!

  6. Anonymous

    This improvement in Webmaster Tools is great. Now I’ve been able to notice some issues my site has. Thanks and keep on working on ways to help webmasters.

  7. Quality Directory

    That was one of the most impressive SEO presentations I've ever attended.

  8. Anonymous

    very thanks for article

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