Bing Bar update brings built-in MSN app

We are excited to announce that the Bing Bar browser tool, available for download here, has been updated to include a built-in MSN app.


The new addition to the Bing Bar in the UK provides MSN’s great content straight to your browser, allowing you to stay on top of breaking news stories, as well as accessing the best of now in news, sports, entertainment, lifestyle and cars.


In addition to the MSN app, the Bing Bar already features numerous apps including Facebook, Bing Maps, weather and a language translator that help Brits do things faster and more easily. All of these features are held within a clean and sleek browser toolbar, giving you an at-a-glance view of what you need most on internet. It’ll help you to complete everyday tasks without you ever having to leave your browser page.

The introduction of the MSN app to the Bing Bar coincides with MSN’s ‘Best of Now’ campaign. Whatever news you like to keep on top of, get the best of what’s happening now at  You can also find out how ‘now’ you are by taking part in the daily ‘Best of Now’ quiz on Facebook.

Visit to download the Bing Bar and connect, search, share and do on internet.

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