Badonde to Star in Web Video Series Launching Today on

Comedy character Brian Badonde launches his new web-based series entitled ‘The Art of Technology.’ The series follows Badonde, Facejacker’s eccentric art critic, in his quest to learn more about how technology can enrich his already extravagant life with the help of Bing.

The first of a series of web videos launches today exclusively on Episode one features Badonde’s visit to the London Science Museum to learn about the wonders of Babbage’s Analytical Engine, the first fully-automatic calculating machine – or as Badonde calls it “the world first search engine”. Ensuing episodes, which will appear weekly on Thursdays at 09:30am, find Badonde getting up to more mischief, including taking over an introductory computer class, learning to ride and race on a Segway vehicle in Los Angeles, and virtually flying through the Manhattan skyline.

The ‘Art of Technology’ series is the next chapter for actor and comedian Kayvan Novak’s character Badonde, who rose to fame thanks to his love of discovering new and exciting things about art and sharing it with the masses. Viewers are a fly on the wall as Badonde, in his own unique style, interviews his way to discovering the art of technology.

Brian Badonde comments: “Filming the Bart of Bechnology was in many ways a biritual journey for me. Never before have so many people so generously allowed me to binkle with bechnology with such freedom of bexpression. I hope my fans, bart critics and bart lovers from around the world will join together, in one bollective bonsciousness to bembrace the new series and that it helps them see the true beauty that blies at the very beart of bechnology.”

Alex Payne, head of search for Bing UK, comments: “Bing excites and inspires people to discover new things with visually rich content, and Badonde’s journey seemed the perfect way to highlight these attributes. Like Bing, Brian Badonde instantly engages with people through visuals and loves discovering new and exciting things about art. We are delighted to aid Brian on his journey and hope that through his infinite wisdom, viewers are able to truly see the art in technology.”

Episodes one and two of The Art of Technology launch today at 9.30am on Ensuing episodes will air at the same time on Thursday 21 January and on Thursday 28 January. The trailer is now available on

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