Homer’s Bing Odyseey

Hot on the heels of our TV campaign, we are sponsoring the Simpsons on channel4. We’ll be posting the clip on MSN Videos (see links below) soon so you can check there if you miss it on TV.

Whilst searching (on Bing of course!) for great Simpsons quotes I found the following classic ditty: “Oh, so they have Internet on computers now”. I fear I may be related to him as my granny often comes out with those comments. 

Clearly Homer has a view on information overload too as I can see from one of the images I found  😉


 You’ve got to love Homer haven’t you?!!!!  Perhaps Bing can ease his pain? For the links to the ads… click through to the post.


Bing – There’s a salad in the fridge


 Bing – What time does your mum’s flight come in again?


 Bing – Karate Vampires 3


 Bing – You did take my suits to the cleaners?


 Bing – You could do this


 Bing – I’ve got to take Pebbles for a walk


 Bing – Do you know what you want for your birthday?


 Bing – I’ve always loved your mother


 Bing – I’d Never Forget That… Again


 Bing – Can I check the scores?


Marie :-)



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  1. bouka55

    hilarious, I wonder how it was done, because most of the Simpson's shown on Channel 4 are repeats!

  2. hotels

    I saw the advertisement the other day.

  3. Britannia Hotel Manchester

    Cool picture of Homer Simpson.

  4. bridge0116

    the image is funny,hehe

  5. bridge0116

    the image is funny,hehe!

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