First Bing TV Ad Goes Live Tonight!

Hi all,

We just wanted to share with you our exciting news! We are launching a fab new Bing TV campaign today in the UK. You’ve asked us when and how we are going to shout about Bing here in Blighty and voila! Today we start a three month campaign that  will include a mix of TV, rich media and online slots.

The first of our three TV ads will air tonight (Wed 10 March) in the half-time ad break of the Manchester United vs. AC Milan game – at about 8:30pm on TV. Check them out during the match or see these online at MSN Video.

We’ll be airing these new ads across ITV, Channel 4, Five and their portfolio of TV services as well as Sky Media and IDS digital channels including Bravo, Dave, GOLD, Living TV and Good Food. Using the tagline ‘Bing and Decide’ the ads illustrate Bing’s role in helping UK searchers make more informed decisions. Each ad features someone suffering from ‘information overload’, with Bing offered as the cure.

Here’s what happens when a ten year old is faced with Information Overload!

This is a major TV campaign which will be supported online using Microsoft’s own network including MSN and Windows Live, as well as across social networks, partner sites and online news providers. 

We hope you enjoy the ads as much as we have enjoyed making them! 

Bing Marcomms Team x

PS. For those who want to know the advertising creative has been developed by JWT and media buying managed by UM.



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  1. windowspczone

    Not sure about the advert. Doesn't seem to suit the UK version of Bing as there's not as many "Decision" features as the US version.

  2. UKteam

    Thanks hey :) The UK and US Bing sites are different and there are many valid reasons for that. The TV campaign is designed to raise attention to the neat UK features we have already  like our review-rich instant answers or transit overlays in maps along with those we plan to release soon 😉 We think it's impactful; it's certainly an ad folks will remember. Watch this space as Bing evolves and continue to give us your feedback on what you like and how we can improve.

    Marie :-)

  3. windowspczone

    Hey, thanks for replying back Marie :)     (it's hey :)

    I really like the visual search, but i think it needs to come out of beta like very soon, and to have more "visual searches" available as it's pretty limited right now. And to also integrate it into search results.

    But I think the main area for improvement is the Homepage. The US one is perfect. The way the US one looks is new, refreshing and more interesting.

    I like the fact that when you mouse over them it suggests what you would like to do there. Now that's "Decision"

    Need to get rid of Ciao! And introduce Bing Shopping with Cashback (and then advertise that on TV adverts) and also perhaps introduce the History and Travel.

    I think the adverts would be better if they directed them selves more towards other search engines, as the British public need to know what the advert is all about. I made my mum watch the new Bing advert, and by the end of the advert she had said she was unclear as to what the advert was trying to get across, and that it wasn't relevant to have all these people getting confused.

  4. windowspczone

    Good to also see your now advertising not only on tv breaks, but also Sponsoring The Simspsons on Channel 4!

    What you need to do, and this would really, and i mean really help.. Is to sponsor these big TV series. Like X Factor, Dancing on Ice, Britain's Got Talent.

    You get on those, and you'll score big. And have people talking!

  5. UKteam

    Great suggestions and comments guys!!!  Everytime we demo Bing to consumers (including friends and family) they love the features. However, it is challenging to get the message across to the masses in short ads. Luckily we like challenges in our team :-) We did actually sponsor the Xfactor as the radio partner before Christmas in the UK. It definitely accelerated awareness around the brand and particular drew attention our comprehensive people searching features on Bing. At the moment we are working with Sport Relief, more specifically to encourage folks to to raise funds. We're getting some useful feedback across all of these initiatives which helps us improve the product, campaigns and genernal outreach. Thanks again for following our progress.

    Marie :-)

  6. sheraz_iqbal

    I saw the Bing Advert with the woman quoting films, it was quite frankly appauling, it ranks up there as the most irratating advert I have ever seen. Good to see the Bing UK team talk themselves though, shame however like everything Microsoft I'm sure Bing is just another another poorly concieved out of touch product.

  7. sheraz_iqbal

    So this is a community where you can only post positive comments and you guys wonder why you fail so spectacularly.

  8. hotels

    I saw Bing Sponsoring The Simpsons on Channel 4 the other day.

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