Find Famous People and Places in a Snap

In May, Bing launched a new three column look, which was designed to fundamentally change how you interact with search to help you do more. One of the key elements of the new search experience is the middle column, which we refer to as snapshot. With snapshot, Bing brings relevant information and services, such as maps and restaurant reviews and reservations, which are directly related to your search within the main results page.  And, since our launch, we’ve run thousands of experiments to see which types of tasks most frequently are searched for on Bing, and determined that people and places are among some of the most popular things people do in Bing. Which is why today, we’re excited to announce that Bing is rolling out two new categories in snapshot: people and landmarks.

Now when you search for a famous person, celebrity or place, we will present relevant facts about that person in the center part of the screen so you can quickly find what you’re looking for without having to click through to another site or page.

We’ve now expanded the snapshot to cover famous people and places as well as made updates to include different sources including reviews and new modes of interaction. Right on the main results page, you can make more informed decisions about topics related to people.

You can even stay up-to-date on your favorite celebrity with a summary of current information like recent movies, albums, and related celebrities, instead of a list of blue links. You can watch movie trailers, listen to and purchase music, with just one-click. With snapshot, Bing does the heavy lifting by organizing useful information so you can act more quickly.

Stay tuned as we will be adding additional categories in the coming weeks!

- Alam Ali, Principal Program Manager, Bing

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  1. tlmii

    Can you comment on why these types of features (snapshot, math, unit conversion, etc) are not available in the Bing app on Windows Phone (when you click the hardware search button)? It's arguably a lot more important for someone to have easy access to this stuff via the phone (when you don't have a whole computer and its applications at your disposal) yet this is glaringly missing from WP7 and WP8. Having to actually go to and use the website is not an ideal replacement. I love the platform otherwise, but this seems like a big omission.

  2. drli

    Try "who won the oscar for best actress in 2011".

  3. Ali

    Great stuff. But is there any chance that any of these improvements will roll out outside the US? When I was in Seattle recently, I got to see how useful and awesome Bing can be, but here in the UK we're limited to basic search (images, videos, web) with a few verticals for weather, sports and movies – nothing like the feature set that's available in the US.

  4. Skyrnin

    Great ! Is it out in NZ yet?

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