Tag Your Friends When Searching on Bing

Last month, we introduced the new Bing with a social sidebar that lets you ask friends for ideas and recommendations as you search.Now you can involve even more of your Facebook friends by typing their name and tagging them when sharing a search. This allows you to effortlessly tap into the collective wisdom of your social network, and get input from your friends who are in the know.

Have a friend who’s a travel guru and can help you plan a summer vacation? A foodie who can lend some suggestions for your next backyard barbecue? Or maybe you’re searching for great hiking trails and want your friends to tag along.

When searching on Bing, simply enter a question or comment in the sidebar and type the name of a friend on Facebook to tag him or her (you can tag up to five friends at a time).

With your permission, the question will post on your Facebook timeline, and your tagged friends will be notified so that they can pitch in and help you find what you’re looking for. Remember – you are always in control of what you share through the sidebar.

                        tagging01          tagging02

Try it out at www.bing.com, and connect with Facebook to discover more through your friends while searching. To see it in action, check out Stefan’s video:

– Kim Vlcek, Program Manager, Bing Social Team

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  1. css_deimos

    It's just for the US? Ohhh she is nice Surface ^ ^

  2. amif

    When Bing starts work normally in other countries? When you add new features in Russia? Thx.

  3. submitshop

    Hope it comes in international

  4. bradkrussell

    Agree with the other three comments here regarding rolling out internationally. But a seriously cool feature, nonetheless.

  5. miguel.mateo

    Bing, get out of the box and go International! You have users that love you, time to show some love back! Do it on account basis if you wish but please allow me to stop paying for a VPN just to use your cool features!

  6. Lowongan Kerja

    nice very nice

  7. petertao

    Looks like a nice feature.

  8. Gheciu Florin

    I have read above all post its really informative and useful in my work so thanks to share it and keep it…..

  9. Cheap

    This is a very nice feature, but is a shame that people tend to don't like when you tag them.

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