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Over the past few weeks, we’ve talked about our new three-column design that focuses on bringing you information from the web to help you take action and interact with friends and experts without compromising the core search experience. We invited you to try the new sidebar feature and today we are releasing the entire experience including snapshot which allows you to take action and do more directly in Bing.

Snapshot is the center column of Bing search results, residing between the standard results on the left and the new sidebar on the right. Snapshot brings relevant information related to a search right on the main results page, including maps, movie times, restaurant menus and reviews so people can act quickly.  Bringing in useful information and working with partners across the globe, such as OpenTable, takes you from finding to doing as we integrate these services and structured data into the search page. Booking a restaurant or looking at reviews is now quicker and simpler with a column dedicated to getting things done.

Check out what Qi Lu, Harry Shum and I have to say about snapshot:

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You will notice that snapshot doesn’t appear every time you search and for good reason. We determine what type of content surfaces based on the search. This is just the start. We will be expanding the categories and updating information dynamically to provide the most helpful information possible.

People in the US can go to to try it today.

As always, let us know what you think.

-  The Bing Team

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  1. flolol

    please give this to Europe too, thanks <3 bing btw

  2. Irwan Gunawan

    Congrut to bing…

  3. CoyCoy

    Hi Bing team, please consider the following in the future development:

    1. I live in Saudi Arabia. I changed the Bing preference to United States – English. Everything works fine and settings are persistent. Now, when I open, this page open in Arabic language and there is no way to change the language of the page itself!! This is very annoying that the Bing-translate homepage doesn't respect the user preference set in Bing.

    2. Please bring the new Bing homepage layout to all countries website. Arabian countries site still has beta in the logo and with legacy homepage and old result page… Google updates website for all countries at once. Why can't Microsoft?

    3. Please remove the background from this image…/j.jpg and make it PNG.

    Thank you for bringing versatility in Bing ecosystem! 8-)

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