Bing Desktop Brings Beauty and Convenience to Windows 7

From the beginning, Bing has been a place for exploration. The Bing homepage images aspire to spark your curiosity giving you something to talk about and connect with. Over the years, many of you have requested a simple way to enjoy these images as your Windows desktop background. With today’s release of Bing Desktop, we’re introducing an easy way to do just that.

Bing Desktop marries the beauty of Bing’s daily homepage with a quick and convenient search interface so you don’t have to open your browser to start a search session. Every day, your Windows Desktop Background will automatically refresh to a high resolution version of the day’s home page, drawn from the images we use around the world.


Bing Desktop provides a fast and simple route to get search results. To start searching, simply click on the Bing taskbar icon and the search bar will automatically appear at the center of your screen. Type what you’re looking for and the search results will appear in your default browser. You’re off and running in a matter of keystrokes. When you’re not using the search box, it goes to the background so you won’t lose precious screen space.


If you prefer, you can dock the search box to the top of screen and it will slide up out of view until you hover and click at top of screen. Just use the settings icon to pin to top of screen. We’d love your feedback on this experimental user experience.


You can download Bing Desktop right now. Like our homepage, you can find out more about the image by simply hovering over the clip_image008 icon in the search interface. Bing Desktop works on Windows 7 for US English. We hope to expand to additional markets in the near future. For image licensing reasons, we’re showing images that we use globally, so there are some days where it won’t match the home page image you see on in the US, but it will always be a crisp, engaging way to start your day.

Bing Desktop is the result of a strong collaboration between Microsoft’s China Innovation Group in Beijing, China, who originated the idea based on user feedback, and our core client development team in Bellevue, WA. Please let us know what you think of Bing Desktop in the comments below or on Twitter (@Bing.)

– Tony Chor, Bing Clients Team and Yong Rui, China Innovation Group

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  1. jamesadams7

    Looks great, but I am sick and tired of Microsoft being so US-biased. I'm not sure if you guys know, but there are billions of people outside the USA. I can't think of any reason why this couldn't be a worldwide release.

  2. diego80

    Looks great, but only for US users? I can't think of any reason why this couldn't be a worldwide release. I love Bing but i live in Spain :(

  3. Lerosbeef

    Bing Desktop crashes when I set the background change! (Win7 Premium SP1 x64)

  4. adam2211

    I agree with the other comments.. Why are Microsoft so biased towards the US?  Why not an international release from day one?

  5. Lerosbeef

    My problem is probably linked to my proxy server which moreover requires authentification

  6. preriz

    I dont understand why cant they have the same wallpaper as they have on Also, it'd be cool to have those mouse over links on the wallpaper as well.

  7. conyeje2

    It might be that the bing desktop currently syncs to the image of the day for bing in China, instead of bing in the US. Also, I agree that it would be nice if the mouse over interactive link information was displayed on the wallpaper like on the webpage, or all of the interactive info was put in the info icon in the bing search bar. It could be set as an option to, so that those who want the interactive side can use it, and those who don't would leave it disabled.

  8. adaaamm

    This is pointless. The wallpaper stuff is nice but the search results just load in a web browser. It's probably not much slower to just load a browser and search in the address bar. I was interested in this because I thought it might be some kind of interesting new way to search the web from your desktop and from the screenshots it looked similar to the wp7 interface for searching. But it may as well just be implemented as a toolbar on the taskbar.

  9. Adil2004

    This is just a link to SEARCH TEXT (I could have done this in xp!). For me to actually want to use this it needs better desktop integration. I want the results to load on the desktop (or in an application which looks like it's part of the desktop) and to be able to switch between web image, video and map results!

    PS for people posting about that this is only available in the US if you just google it (my bad) then you can get the "bing desktop beta" which looks the same to me.

  10. jakemoore86

    "search results will appear in your default browser" I agree that for this to have any impact at all on how people search this is not the way to do it. Modern web browsers have made it so easy to search from the address bar and this has become the standard way of searching for most people.

    Assuming I'm using a modern browser If search using this and it loads a bing search results page I am presented with three options for conducting another search; the bing searchbox, the address bar and the desktop searchbox (in the background). Why would I use it again?

  11. eddie.exe

    I'm liking the whole desktop background and search bar on said desktop. But this extra Taskbar icon kinda irks me. If anything it ought to be a small icon hidden in the notification area. It just makes it feel less fluid and more tacky. Just a suggestion. It needs to be a bit less intrusive. Otherwise I'm loving it.

  12. greatsage

    I'm thinking if you can make it movable not just at the centre or top.

  13. DCKNW

    I really really like the new Bing desktop experience. Works seamlessly (here in the UK) and makes the desktop look really fresh and exciting!

    I really like the Bing search box centred in the screen, but would have preferred if it didn't have a tab which took up taskbar space- please could you change this? And maybe hide the settings and info icons on the search bar, to make it look even slicker.

    Overall fantastic work though!

  14. Wiileewaller

    It would be nice if the mouse over interactive link information was displayed on the wallpaper like on the webpage, or all of the interactive info was put in the info icon in the bing search bar. It could be set as an option to, so that those who want the interactive side can use it, and those who don't would leave it disabled.


  15. Catherine

    Bing may have to go through alot of political red tap with foreign affairs to make this available for you…ask the Bing administrator how you can help them make it happen in your country….there is alot involve so its not that easy, they can,t just barge in your country which also  have rules and regulations ,  so chin up it will get better but not without you.. for the US the road has been paved…

  16. MalikBaker

    Bing should be worldwide

  17. NerdyWoman

    Sorry, guys. The search bar location/size is obnoxious. You get an E for effort but C- for execution. As for the pics… WOOHOO… almost. I wanted to keep the Minneapolis skyline for a few days so I saved pic and set as background, cancelling the Bing Desktop. Epic fail. When Bing controls the pic, the resolution on my 1440×900 screen is sharp and GORGEOUS. When I saved pic and loaded as wallpaper, it was fuzzy. But if you ever want to add "Webshots" (does anyone remember Webshots besides me?) functionality… let us freeze on a fave pic, select from previous pics, etc. Bing search is the essential power tool, homepage and desktop pics are chocolate (food for the soul). TY guys for leading us all to life beyond Google Doodles.

  18. tannis1997

    I love the Bing I have now why change?

  19. SpazzyE

    Seriously  IslaFuerteventura this is not a page for you to put "SPAM" advertisements on, it is to comment on "BING's" new desktop tool, which personally i like the images but i am not going to install it on my system.  I already "WEBSHOTS" that gives me great full resolution images on my PC everyday.  I think i will stick with my "WEBSHOTS" application that is in the background and not in the foreground

  20. techgirl

    You can thank the EU for forcing MS to be focused on US releases. And the Muslim world too. The photos that are selected for the homepage have the potential to incite global condemnation for displaying what would otherwise considered innocous by American standards. (Think of images women baring their heads or having short sleeves or skirts that show the ankles.)

  21. lokey013

    I live in the US but I agree….they should have it for everyone to enjoy =)

  22. jmclaren41


  23. AliKatt

    I like the idea and just downloaded the Desktop. I'm sure that it is US based because this is still a beta and US is the test market to get the kinks and bugs out. Once it's been tested, MS stated, "We hope to expand to additional markets in the near future." The MCIG would work to develope something that would go global eventually. Apparently monkeytommo has a link to a Bing desktop that works for him in Taiwan.

  24. iloveya2

    I agree with the comments that it would be nice to have availabe for a wider release, but understand the hurdles involved.  

    I'm surprised by the comments asking for the interactive link info on their desktop…would prefer to leave that space for interacting with my own icons, but adding the feature and leaving it off by default sounds like it might be a nice have for some.

    Overall, thank you Bing for giving me a search interface that can be beautiful and still useful at the same time.

  25. The Bing Team

    Thanks for all the constructive feedback on Bing Desktop.  We’re happy with the response we’ve received from users so far.  We are planning for the next release and will absolutely use your feedback.

    @jamesadam7, @diego80, @adam2211, @conyeje2 @lokey013, @alikatt, @techgirl, @malinbaker, @catherine:  We agree, it should be worldwide.  We’re piloting it in US before expanding to the global audience.

    @wiileewaller, @nerdywoman, @iloveya2, @preriz, @adil2004, @eddie.exe, @greatsage, @dcknw:  Thanks for all the product feedback.  We’re working to make the next release more flexible and unobtrusive.

    @lerosbeef:  Still crashing?  Please let us know.

    Tony Chor, Bing Clients Team

  26. Lerosbeef

    @Tony Chor, Bing Clients Team

    Yes it keeps on crashing on my work PC that is behind a proxy that requires a username and password that I have to enter when I launch internet explorer for example. It works fine on my home PC and my Windows 8 Consumer Preview laptop (Microsoft fanboy, have Windows Phone aswell). Might be a port issue aswell?

    As soon as I check the auto change background option it crashes, I have to run it without internet to uncheck the option.

  27. Lerosbeef

    While I have your attention I don't get the social Bing sidebar. I'm in France but I set the country to US and use a US Live Id.

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