Win a Nokia Lumia 900 & Xbox 360 prize pack from Bing Rewards

Bing Rewards has launched two new sweepstakes for a Nokia Lumia 900 and a Xbox 360® that will run through May 1st. Continue reading for details on these great prizes and how to enter, but first congratulations to our latest winners! We are pleased to announce, pending official confirmation, the following winners for the three Bing Rewards sweepstakes that ended on April 2nd:

  • The five lucky winners picked in the $500 Target GiftCard sweepstake were: Matthew H. of Roswell, NM; David T. of Somerset, KY; Ryan L. of Omaha, NE; Connor D. of Redmond, WA: and, Connie L. of Santa Clara, CA. Congratulations!
  • Nicholas C. of Marlboro, NJ was drawn as the winner of the Xbox 360 Prize Pack with Mass Effect 3. Have fun with the awesome Kinect™ integration.

Our two new sweepstakes* have kicked off and will end May 1, 2012 at 11.59 a.m. ET. The prizes include:

  • Nokia Lumia 900 – 5 Winners. The amazingly fast Lumia 900 has a crisp 4.3-inch display screen and is the first Nokia Windows Phone with 4G LTE connectivity. This beautifully designed phone also comes with cutting-edge apps such as Xbox Live and ESPN Sports Hub. We’re also including $200 cash toward a new contract with AT&T.
  • Xbox 360 Prize Pack & Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13. One lucky participant will take home an Xbox 360 console with Kinect, Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13, and a 12 month Xbox 360 LIVE® Gold membership. Tiger Woods 13 is the franchise’s first version to work with Kinect, which means the game just got a whole lot better.


To enter, visit and please follow the instructions to create a Bing Rewards account or simply visit our redemption center here. You can find the sweepstakes Official Rules here. Good luck!

Start following @BingRewards on Twitter for the latest program news, opportunities to win and exclusive offers. If you have an idea for a Bing Rewards sweepstake prize you’d like to see in the future, we want to hear it!

– Alex Danskin, Marketing Communication Manager, Bing

* No purchase necessary. Open only to Legal residents of the 50 US +D.C. 13 +.

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  1. bradkrussell

    I assume this isn't open to Australian residents?

  2. davidvkimball


  3. jamiehill75

    I just wonder what the odds of winning are, Is it better than Mega Ball, being struct by lightning, having a car accident within a mile of home, or being hurt from falling in the bathroom???  Just home many tickets, are there hundreds, thousands, or millions…..??  Isn't posting the odds of winning, a requirement for every contest of chance??

  4. tomkim

    totally depends on how many people participate. MS can't possibly predict the number of participants. Hope I get one!

  5. Kabuchi

    I'm very excited to see the winners, and though I hope I'm one of them (I really need a new phone), I wish the best of luck to all the participants.

  6. ReZeRo

    I put in 431 entries i hope i won :)

  7. RyanDaLyon

    5 Winners! Good luck everyone!

  8. Lordfriday

    Good luck! I put in 290 entries in, wasting all of my credits… so I hope I win! 😀

  9. TonyCDH

    Too bad theres only five to go around.  We should all get one!  I know my mom would like a new phone for Mothers Day!

  10. billy2413

    Where can i go to see the winner of the Nokia Lumia 900 – and the Xbox 360 Prize Pack & Tiger Woods PGA Tour 13

  11. Smith Walker

    It is much nice because Bing Rewards has launched two new sweepstakes for a Nokia Lumia 900 and a Xbox 360®.

  12. obas

    Don't care about Kat Graham; Who won those sweet phones?

  13. aarondr

    Sooo… Anyone get contacted yet – today is supposed to be the day.

  14. Lordfriday

    I wish…. nothing yet…. *sigh*

  15. TonyCDH

    :'( nothing yet

  16. jkms

    any lucky guys received the email yet? supposedly the winner should get email notification today. Just curious.

  17. obas

    Must take awhile to find other winners around all my entries. :)

  18. TonyCDH

    How many entries did u all put in?

  19. TonyCDH

    How many entries did u all put in?

  20. MarkyMarc

    I put in 511 entries ! Lol, sure hope I win … Good luck to everyone though !

  21. aarondr

    I put in 101 x 10 so 1010 entries – haven't received any e-mails

  22. jonnymay

    Wow. I thought my 522 entries made me a shoo-in! =/

  23. aarondr

    if they only gave away 50 :-/

  24. ceylon

    anyone received an email? or will it take more time? i checked the winning, list it was empty.plz let me know guys

  25. TonyCDH

    I only put in 372 :-(. Seemed like alot to me, til now… Good luck everyone!

  26. jonnymay

    still waiting. the rules *did* say the drawing would be on *or around* May 9…

  27. jkms

    if the number of entries is truely correlated with the chance of winning, I may not have any luck to win (only 30 entries, 1 entry/day).

  28. true patriot

    The odds of winning if you are not a bing family member/friend or affiliate are indeed very low. This is more likely not happening at all, just a big re-collection of all thier points. Notice how they dont announce the winners.

  29. true patriot

    Also if they were actualy going to randomly pick people you could assume that if you did any kind of shinanigans to get your points like using multiple accounts etc. then you will be disqualified to win anyway.

  30. aarondr

    they are announcing the winners – see previous posts for a link.  The contest is managed by an outside firm, they just gave themselves some wiggle room with the 'on or around May 9th' + the fact that winners aren't announced until they send back a little sheet/form.  I wish we'd get a confirmation of someone getting picked so we can all stop checking our inboxes and junk mail hourly ;-).  Seriously though – my hotmail seems to think any e-mail from is junk mail… who knew?

  31. choose of faith

    i wonder when someone wins its probaly not to late

  32. Tianfu

    I'm dying here! When are we gonna know the winners?!

  33. aarondr

    My guess is if you haven't heard by now, you aren't a winner.  That said I'm not a winner.

  34. aarondr

    My guess is if you haven't heard by now, you aren't a winner.  That said I'm not a winner.

  35. aarondr

    My guess is if you haven't heard by now, you aren't a winner.  That said I'm not a winner.

  36. obas

    Despair! All my precious Bing points now gone! Ah what a rip, just like that monopoly game at McD's growing up was rigged the whole time. That being the case it had paid out free fries once in awhile just never the million bucks they promised.

  37. aarondr

    Wow – I swear I've hit the button 1 time… Sorry for all the repeat posts.

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