Global Bing Video Updates Rolling Out

We recently rolled out (and are still rolling out) a number of improvements to Bing Video.  Available in all countries that currently support Bing Video, these updates make it easier to scan, explore and discover videos. Let’s check out what’s new:

Larger, More Informative Previews in the Results Page (see it here)

One of the first things you will notice is the new video strip in the results page.  The update also introduces larger video previews, allowing you to more explore through the video results. Now with one glance you can scan through video results.  Along with the large previews, the videos also received updated treatments, such as 16×9 images, embedded video length time stamps, and icons to help you quickly navigate the results.

Easily Scan Results (see it here)

The updates continue when you search on We have made a significant investment in expanding our video coverage to provide you with as much relevant content as possible. Once we collected the vast storage of videos, we had to think about how to display the results so they would be easy to use and scan.

If you’re anything like us, you want an uninterrupted supply of funny cat videos. To that end we’re introducing Infinite Scroll for videos so you no longer have to sift through pages and pages of videos.   Infinite Scroll gives you a quick and easy way to view virtually unlimited videos by simply scrolling down the page.

With our new grid layout, the results span as wide as your monitor will allow. And to help you scan through the videos, we’ve also increased the size of video thumbnail images.

Discovery of Related Content

To help you refine your search, we’ve added the most common related searches as a row of tabs on top of your search results, similar to our Bing Image Search. Why tabs? The tabs are designed to help you quickly find related video content. Your original query will be the first tab but you can watch related content without losing the results from your original search

Large Video Viewer and Filmstrip (see it here)

We’ve added a video filmstrip, so now after you are done watching the current video, you can see similar videos that you might find interesting in one easy-to-find strip at the top of the screen. You may also notice that we have enlarged the video playing area so you can watch the footage in the full glory that it was intended.

This release was the result of a lot of hard work (and slices of pizza), and we’re still fine tuning so bear with us but we really hope you enjoy the features. And we’re not done!  As a matter of fact, we’ve got few features in the works which we’ll share in the coming months.

Stay tuned,

- Troy Ma, Bing Multimedia Team

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  1. nektar

    rible! I am blind and use a screen reader. Now every time I move down passed the first 10 or so results the page refreshes and my screen reader returns me back at the top of the page. If I go down again through all the top links to find the results again after a lot of trying, the page refreshes again and it shows the first 10 or so results. The process repeats itself for ever. If I try navigating from the bottom of the page upwards, then the page refreshes as soon as you move passed the Copyright line and it jumps your cursor back up to the top again. Totally useless!

    And by the way, why don't you add headings so that blind people can use them to easily navigate from one video search result to the next like YouTube? And why don't you label any of the images on your blog like they do on good sites? Totally displeased.

  2. netx

    please provide all your service with https

  3. Anonymous

    in việt Nam – the video load so slowly ! hic !

  4. MarekP

    Looks greate, but please provide us Bing for Czech republic! We have to use it with location set to "International" even when a czech localization is available..

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