Bing Shopping Makes Black Friday a Little Brighter


12 a.m. Friday marks the start of the most popular shopping day of the year. A time when thousands of sleep deprived bargain hunters will descend upon malls across the country to vie for the best Black Friday deals.

For those that want to get a jump on the rush or prefer to shop from the comfort of home, should check out Bing Shopping. Over the course of the past year, we shipped a host of new features to help you find products of interest, make it easier to identify discounted items and introduce new ways to explore, browse and shop. Today we are rolling out updates that will hopefully make your Black Friday a little brighter.

See Black Friday Deals today

Interested in exploring Black Friday (and Cyber Monday) deals today? Head over to to check out which products will be discounted. If you miss out this weekend, check out our weekly e-circulars sections that highlight circulars from leading retailers (updated on a weekly basis.)


When is the best time to buy?

When you shop using Bing Shopping, you’re searching products from thousands of different retailers including leading brands like Walmart, Amazon and Macy’s. With our Price History feature, you can find out whether prices are rising or dropping and whether you should buy now or wait.


More selection, fewer steps

As we highlighted a few months ago, our goal at Bing Shopping is to help you make faster, more informed shopping decisions. As the number of available products increase, we want to make sure you’re able to find the information that is most relevant to you as quickly as possible. Today, we are taking another step in that direction by introducing related products at the top of the search results page. Now when you shop for a given product, we display related products just below the search box.


If you find something, we allow you to further narrow down your search with filters on the left-hand side of the screen. In addition to brand and pricepoint, today we’re introducing additional filters that let you focus your search by other attributes, in this case store, megapixel, feature (optical zoom) brand and type (e.g. point and shoot.)


Because sometimes you need to see it, to believe it. Today, we are releasing a map in the product results page that shows you which stores near you carry the product that you’re searching for.


Check out and happy shopping!

- Andrew Pickering, Bing Shopping

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  1. Cassius

    Cool Camera's.  Where can I get those?

  2. cidkidzpillz

    If your looking for this particular camera shown above. Bing search "nikon d90". Also above it shows that you can also find a store nearest to your location with Bing maps. Check out all the features Bing offers. I'm sure you'll fall in love. #BI

  3. Durex condooms

    cidkidzpillz: Bing shopping has indeed some neat features. I hope the nearest store function will soon come to Europe, so I can directly buy (shipping it from USA is too much work and expensive with customs, shipping costs…)

  4. chaseup

    That reminds me I'll have to do my christmas shopping. I think it will be socks this year.

  5. hotels

    I still got some gifts to buy for christmas, so when you see a deal on gifts it helps.

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