Introducing Bing Editors’ Picks: A Guide to Great Sites

Looking for travel tips or great food blogs? Or, maybe you need to know the best place to get advice on party planning.

We all start with search to find answers to these questions, but with so many websites out there, knowing which ones are worth your time can be challenging.

That’s why we’re launching Bing Editors’ Picks. Editors’ Picks were designed to enhance Bing results by bringing editorially selected sites to your search experience. Our goal, whether delivered by algorithm or by editors, is to help you find what you’re looking for faster and to get stuff done.

Editors’ Picks are small collections of relevant sites that our online editorial experts think will be useful to you, but may not always make it to the top of the search results page.

How we choose sites

The job of Bing editors is to enhance your experience on Bing. For example, when we know you’re looking for something really specific — like “How to use a semicolon” or “Free clip art”— we’ll provide a list of editorially selected sites on that specific topic (in addition to our algorithmic results) to help you find what you’re looking for faster.

We see lots of interest in seasonal topics, like Thanksgiving recipes and crafts, so we’ve put together a collection of sites dedicated to that topic.

How to find Editors’ Picks

Simply start a search as you normally would anywhere on Bing. If Editors’ Picks are available for your search terms, you may see an Editors’ Picks tab appear in the top rail or an instant answer (shown below) in the search results. Clicking on the tab or answer will bring you to a page that includes all the sites we’ve selected for that topic (as seen in the previous image). Additionally, you can visit to find the full list of topics and browse for other interesting content.


Today, we’re featuring more than 140 topics, from college prep sites to party planning, from food blogs to wine basics. And, we’ll continue to add topics as we find great sites and learn more about what you’re looking for.

If we missed your favorite site or you want to suggest a new topic for Editors’ Picks, let us know. As always, we welcome your feedback.

Kristen Kennedy, Managing Editor, Bing Editorial Team

* Editors’ Picks is currently available in the US.

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  1. duggy

    This is a great resource.  However, like Bing Trends, it needs to be listed in the Explore directory.

  2. Durex condooms

    Will this not affect the objectivity of the search results? An editor pick is always a subjective choice.

  3. The Bing Team

    @Durex The algo results are still the same – this feature enhances the search experience with a tab to Editors’ Picks or an instant answer on the SERP  pointing to handpicked sites that you might not have found yourself.

  4. yanfaurie

    This is a nifty kind of "way back" way of exploring the web, but it may settle itself as a great resource. Time will tell ! All the best for this new Bing project ;-)

  5. ianmacfarlane

    Will sites listed as Editors' Picks gain any rankings benefit in regular web search?

    Also, how are you going to ensure that you keep the Editors' Picks fresh and up to date?

    Lastly, any plans to roll this out to other markets in the future?

  6. The Bing Team

    @Ian Macfarlane

    Editors' Picks won’t affect the ranking or relevance of ordinary search results. The feature is designed to offer a different angle on search results, based on selections made by editors rather than the complex calculations that go into ranking millions of search results.

    We plan to update and release new Picks on a regular basis and if you have suggestions for more let us know.

    We hope to roll out more broadly but nothing specific to relay at this time.

  7. Financial advisor

    Bing effects 28% of searches and I am trying to figure out why Google shows 125 site pages and Bing only 4.  How can I submit my web urls to Bing and should I?

  8. hd_wicks

    While this is great and all These should be made more discoverable.  For example I see there is a pick for Learn Maths but if I search Math tutorial I get nothing.

    May be If you could figure out a way to understand user's intention than just keyword. You may be already doing this but I'm not seeing results

  9. hotels

    The recipes are useful.

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