Windows Phone 7.5: Bing(o) on Mango


As the Windows Phone 7.5 update, code name “Mango,” rolls out to customers, we are excited to get our hands on what is an elegant, intuitive experience that places the user at the center of the experience. Not surprisingly, what excites us the most is what the team has done with Bing on the new Windows Phone experience. With that in mind, we wanted to highlight some of our favorite features:

Beyond the Search Box

Bing on Windows Phone now transcends the search box. No longer limited by text, you can now search with voice, audio and vision.

  • Voice: Search without typing using the voice search functionality.
  • Music Search: Find what song is playing by letting you phone “listen” to the music. It not only shows you the name, artist, and album, but even shows you where you can hear or buy it.
  • Bing Vision: You can now use your phone’s camera to look up product information by bringing an object into view. Bing will recognize text and present the option to select words for a search, and instantly return product results if the object has a barcode. Bing Vision can also detect product information from UPC codes, QR Codes and MS Tag as well as cover art for books, CD’s, DVD’s and video games.


Bing Local Scout Goes Hyper Local

Bing Local Scout provides local search results and recommends nearby restaurants, shopping and other activities in an easy to use guide powered by Bing. Whether you’re looking for the best brunch or live music in your area, it’s all a tap away. Simply pick a result and you’ll see everything you need to know —where it’s located, how to get there, who to call, when it’s open, the website, and even ratings and reviews.

The results are arranged by:

  • Highlights: Top rated and highly reviewed listings
  • Eat+Drink: Nearby restaurants
  • See+Do: Nearby attractions and activities
  • Shop: Nearby stores


App Connect

Ever wonder which app does what – Bing has you covered. Bing search results now return Windows Phone Marketplace apps that are relevant to what you’re searching for. So the next time you search for movie times, Bing will show you the best movie apps.

For an in depth look at how this works, check out Ben and Stefan’s video covering Bing on Windows Phone 7.5:


– Ted Roduner, Bing

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  1. teebee

    bing search for "cover art for books, CD’s, DVD’s and video games" dont work in the UK.

    Any idea if it'll ever work? It was a selling point for me, a bit disappointed it doesnt work.

  2. VaFO

    Nice and neat. Now what about spreading it to something more than a couple countries? Ya know… Hint hint.

  3. Pws

    Nice… but when will **all** features available to other countries than US…

  4. ginopiarulli

    When all this wonderful things on my ITALIAN WP7?

  5. The Bing Team

    We know you are hungry for innovative services, and we are always working on expanding our platform. In some cases, because of regional availability of services or even local laws and regulations, not all features are available in all areas. That said, Windows Phone “Mango” includes hundreds of new features to deliver smarter and easier communications apps and Internet.

  6. TunaTank

    I was excited for Bing Music to work and get Shazam off my phone, but it hardly recognizes songs, let alone gets them correct. I can play a song off my phone and start Shazam, and it finds it very quickly, and Bing Music will say it couldnt figure out what it is. Kind of useless.

  7. Pete Mack

    I just installed update 7.5 on my Samsung Focus; found some issues with Internet Explorer.

    1. The control menu sometimes goes blank when there's a login window (try going to an article at

    2. Can't find an F11 (use whole screen option) in landscape mode. The control bar eats a big chunk of real estate in landscape mode; I'd rather be able to see the whole screen while scrolling down.

    3. I was hoping for a a "page down" button equivalent motion. Is there one?

    4. Tabs button with window count below … on the control menu would be useful. 3 clicks is 1 too many to change panes.

  8. Hogan1971

    When will we in Sweden have all the functionality? Right now we can't do much with Bing.

  9. Hogan1971

    When will we in Sweden have all the functionality? Right now we can't do much with Bing.

  10. WE36

    Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, all nice and fancy and functional…but how well will it run in European countries (or other countries for that matter), taken into account the different languages and current language pack support. Uptill now it has always been from the London or US perspective. But is the experience just as good as e.g. the Dutch???


    Pretty disappointed that many features are not available in my country. I am not living in a 3rd world country! There is no excuse, sorry.

  12. njc

    I find it strange that some local laws and regulations always make sure I can't see the newest features and functionalities. I didn't know Belgium was such a country. It seems like the USA is the only good country to live in 😉

  13. Soge

    Now if only you could bring the actual Bing search to more countries. Austria still uses Live Search and it's more than terrible. I'll never search with Bing if this continues. Live Search doesn't even find stuff when I know what I search for.

  14. Soge

    Now if only you could bring the actual Bing search to more countries. Austria still uses Live Search and it's more than terrible. I'll never search with Bing if this continues. Live Search doesn't even find stuff when I know what I search for.

  15. shaimerc

    exciting features, but unfortunately not all available in Singapore. Hope this will be addressed the soonest.

  16. TomInMB

    One additional feature of the Music Search option should be to be able to view the lyrics of the song found. Petty, I know… But would be a nice, quick option.

  17. Adamsss24

    ummmmmm cool maybe i would use this if i actually got the mango update yet. its been over 2 weeks and i still haven't got the update

  18. peSHIr

    I understand there are reasons while not all of this functionality will be (immediately) available in every country. However, when my Omnia 7 was still on my "fake" UK Live ID that I used pre-Mango, I saw Bing Vision recognizing EAN/UPC barcodes and show the digits it represented so you could search for that number. It did more, but barcode recognition is something I saw working. When I reset my phone and started using my actual NL Live ID, I saw that Bing Vision only recognized QR-codes and MS Tags (it also did OCR and translation on static images), but no barcodes anymore. Not even just the digits, so I could "manually" search for those digits. I see *no* reason whatsoever to disable EAN/UPC digit reading in any marketplace, even if more advanced barcodes based searches would not be available in that market. Please reenable this barcode reading in Bing Maps soon…?

  19. MrTablet

    This is one of the BIG problems with WP7. It's made for US only, not WW.

  20. BurnEthanol

    As always, thank you for the info, tips, and responses.

    I am very surprised that video on this site requires Flash. First of all, it's ugly and annoying. Second, it is getting outdated. Third, Silverlight of HTML5 would be better to have here. Fourth, you are Microsoft, there should be no reason that you don't use HTML5 or Silverlight. Lastly, you are talking about the features on Windows Phone. I am reading (and replying to) this from my Windows Phone. I should be able to view video in a format that is compatible with my Windows Phone.

  21. WLKNSN

    @BurnEthanol, I could not agree with you more! Microsoft is giving their evangelists a hard time because Microsoft simply does not make sense in so many ways (unfortunately). They need a decent marketing manager to start to put the puzzle back together.

  22. Bruno Horvat

    Nice, but totally useless as I live in Sweden!

    Why are you doing this to us? Example:

    When I upgraded to Mango I had an UK Live account (so that I could access the marketplace). So the first few hours with Mango I ran as a brit :-)

    The nice things in Mango I saw was excellent, I especially liked how Bing Visoin was able to translate signs and text to Swedish :-) Wow! So I soon resetted my device and started over with a Swedish account… just to discover that bing Vision was not available i Sweden!?!? WTF!!! Why cant you give us translation at least? You already have the swedish translation in place! This sucks!!

  23. jakereyes

    Where is this phone made from?  Is this another phone made in China?

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