See How the Bing Business Portal Can Help Your Business Grow

If you’re a business owner, Bing just got a lot more interesting. Today we launched the Bing Business Portal beta, a new service from Bing to help business owners create and control their online listing, making it easier for their customers to find them on Bing. With it, owners can even create deals and promote the offers on both the Bing desktop and mobile experience – for free. The BBP will replace the Bing Local Listing Center (LLC), and all existing listing on LLC have been seamlessly migrated to the Bing Business Portal.

Keep reading for a quick overview of the new features.

Claim Your Listings

To help you control the information that shows up about your business in a Bing local search result, just quickly and easily claim your business listing on Bing. All you need to do is use the link on your local listing page or visit You can either claim your listing by phone or PIN (sent through postal mail).


Enhance and Manage Your Listings

Once you’ve confirmed your identity as the owner of the business listing, you can add more details such as: photos, a logo, parking availability, languages spoken, holiday hours, payment types accepted, and select categories for your business to appear in. You can even add links to your Website, Facebook page, and Twitter URL.


Restaurant and bar listings can include menus – either by creating one in the Bing Business Portal or by providing a direct link to an existing menu or PDF file. You also have the option of creating a mobile menu that is designed to be viewed by consumers on their mobile devices. Plus, you can edit specialties and enter up to six additional categories and key words, to provide a more accurate view of what your business offers.


All of this information is designed to improve the relevance of your listing on Bing and enable better matches between what customers are searching for and your business listing – all resulting in potentially more traffic to your store.

Create Deals and Offers

Consumers love a good deal, and promotions are a great way to help boost sales. With Bing Business Portal you can easily create a discount coupon, promotion or rebate. Using the Deal Editor, you can specify an offer category, a type (dollar amount, dollars off, percentage off, etc.), add information describing the offer (photos, expiration, disclaimer, etc.), and then promote the offer on Bing search results, your business listing page and Facebook page – all for free.



Businesses with deals will be highlighted on Bing desktop search results, as well as the deal tab from the Bing for Mobile browse homepage ( Once you have created your deals, again you can publish them to your existing business page on Facebook!




Sign up for the Bing Business Portal today at, and start attracting more customers!

– Andy Chu, Director of Product Management, Bing for Mobile

* The Bing Business Portal is currently available in the US.

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  1. Anonymous

    You sould add windows messager two the Bing Business Portal so if some looking four thay can chat with if your online.

  2. JohnCz

    @Timelock, fantastic idea.

    @BingTeam, I'm curious about three things…

    1. Is there a way to use a xml feed to upload my products? or is there no correlation between this and Bing Shopping?

    2. Is there an option to use Microsoft Tag instead of QR?

    3. If one of my site pages shows up in normal Bing Web search results, is there some way for a Bing user to see my company profile with phone #s without having to switch to Bing Local?

    Looks good sofar.


  3. The Bing Team

    @ JohnCZ.  First off, thanks for the feedback.  

    On question #1, we currently don't have that ability.

    On question #2, we will support MS Tag in future releases.

    On question #3, yes, there is the ability to see the company profile including phone # and address in the results page (vs. local.)   Though that would come down to relevancy whether it surfaced or not.  To see, please search for Wild Ginger Seattle.

    Again, thanks for the feedback.  Keep it coming

  4. msol

    Bing Business Portal could be a great thing… except that the statement "…and all existing listing on LLC have been seamlessly migrated to the Bing Business Portal" does not seem to be true. Just check out the Bing forums or the comments on…/29332. My claimed and verified listings have disappeared from my account after the switch to Bing Business Portal… and I am not the only one.

    The Bing Team does not answer me on the forums or through my many Email Support inquiries, which is what makes the situation worse. Unresponsiveness and leaving users in the dark only frustrates people.

    One of my accurate listings ranked #1 locally, but my information has been overwritten by what Bing wanted to use, which dropped its local ranking, and now it isn't even listed under my account anymore.

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