Touch and Decide: Introducing Bing for iPad

From the outset, our goal with Bing has been to help you stop searching and start deciding. Whether it’s on your computer, smartphone, tablet or the form-factor of tomorrow, we’re constantly exploring new ways to optimize Bing to ensure you’re getting the most from your search experience.

Today, we are pleased to introduce a brand new way to interact with Bing: Bing for iPad. Available for free download through the Apple App store, Bing for iPad goes beyond the traditional search experience, offering a unique and visually rich way to search the Web. The app is designed from the ground up for touch. You can quickly browse news, movies, Bing homepage images, local business listings and much more – all with the swipe of your finger.

Trends– available exclusively on Bing for iPad – lets you explore the latest trends on Bing. Use the touch screen interface to see what people are searching for right now. Tap on any trend to learn more about what it is and why it’s popular.

Grab your popcorn and your iPad to get all the latest information about movies, watch trailers, find a theater close to you, or see show times and buy tickets without leaving the comfort of your couch.

Bing for iPad app provides multiple map views (including road, aerial and birds eye) to help you find businesses and destinations and save to your address book or calendar, get turn-by-turn directions, search real-time transit info, and much more.

Stay informed with weather alerts and 10-day or hourly forecasts for your current location, powered by MSN Weather. Save up to five cities using the Save Location feature for quick access to the weather report for your favorite spots.

Not only have we focused on making the app beautiful and functional, we’ve also focused on making search easy. With Bing’s Voice Search, just say what you’re searching for and Bing will find it. Bing’s autosuggest feature helps you refine your search by providing suggestions based on your recent searches and related searches done by other people. And when searching for a popular topic, Bing provides the most relevant answer up top, complete with quick links to help you complete your task faster. 

Check out this video of the app in action, then download the app and let us know what you think.  For more information about the features, links to b-roll and screenshots visit the Bing Virtual Press Kit

Zachary Gutt, Lead Program Manager, Bing

* The app is currently only available in the US.

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  1. JohnCz

    Great layout. Love to see the touch optimized experience and voice search come to the PC..maybe as my desktop.  While the Bing team might debate if they should wait till Windows 8 for touch…virtually every laptop has a Mic built-in today, enable it.

  2. The Bing Team

    @JohnCZ Thanks for the feedback.  On speech, we'll flag it for the team.

  3. dookie

    Great job on the app, Bing team! You guys just raised the bar in terms of app quality.  Is there any chance you can add more browser functionality like bookmarking?  I'm so over Safari.

  4. hd_wicks

    Hey are you guys testing a new UI or something. I'm using chrome and I'm seeing a black header (nothing changed in IE8) .To give you a bit of feedback I don't like it much ; It's too distracting .Black doesn't really fit in as the rest of the page is mostly white and orange ,it takes the focus away from the search results .Please keep the original low contrast white/orange header.

    Also the blue links at the top of this page (Home ,blogs,forums etc) look horrible embedded in that black background.

    Please reconsider


  5. JohnCz

    @hd_wicks, until they announced they've finished rolling out HTML5 version I'll assume this is still in progress.  Currently I see some other issues as well, /videos/browse has rounded tabs that are cutoff.  And /maps has a different header then the rest of the Bing site (rounded search box, etc).  I imagine this will all be straightened out going into MIX.

  6. jd39de

    You know, as WP7 user it feels really great that the Bing team is supporting Apple better than it's own products. I really don't get it why you develop for the iPad but not for WP7.

  7. Pradeep

    As noted in previous comments, don't test unfinished designs in public. Also Bing for iPad app is based on Objective C or HTML5?

  8. GirlyGirl

    Truly a stunningly beautiful and useful app.  But I have some wishes:

    I wish Bing would release a web browser for PCs, Macs, and Linux that was a stunningly good as this one is.

    I wish Bing could release a similar app for all the smartphones OSs both inside the U.S.a and outside the U.S.

    I wish Bing would release these apps for market on iPads outside the U.S.  

    Bing will never get much global market share against Google until Bing is much more available outside the U.S.

    Currently Bing has only 4% market share worldwide vs. 90+% for Google.  Why? Because Google is much more available outside the U.S. than Google.

  9. GirlyGirl

    Sorry about that last line, I meant "Because Google is much more available outside the U.S. than Bing."

    Come on, Bing. Put this app for download everywhere.  Make a version for iPhone, WinPhone7, and Android, even if you already have an iPhone app.  Make a web browser for PCs, Macs, and Linux boxes that has this same interface.

  10. jd39de

    And release a WPF or Silverlight Out-Of-Browser app for Windows 7 Slates. When does the several teams at Microsoft finally learn how to work together in one big company and not against each other. You guys must cooperate with each other to create one big great experience.

  11. quigger

    +1 GirlyGirl – "I wish Bing would release these apps for market on iPads outside the U.S. " – Me 2.

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