Internet Explorer 9 unleashes a more beautiful web

Today, our friends on the Internet Explorer team released the latest version of the world’s most used browser, Internet Explorer 9. Please join us in wishing them a heartfelt congrats!

Over 40 million people downloaded the Beta version of IE9 and already 250 top sites and over 1000  other partners from around the globe have taken advantage of IE9 capabilities to deliver differentiated experiences to their customers. Internet Explorer 9 is the best browser for Windows.  It is all-around fast, integrates with Windows 7, and lets your favorite web sites shine. Bing and MSN have teamed up to offer our customers the best browser with the best of the web. By downloading Internet Explorer 9 enhanced for Bing and MSN for free, you can set Bing as your primary search engine and MSN as your primary homepage with just one click.  

What does this mean for you? Bing and MSN get even better with IE9. Search Bing directly from the IE9 One Box and make faster more informed choices. You will also be able to easily stay in the know with MSN every time you open IE9. Pin both sites to your Windows 7 taskbar for instant access to your favorite content within each site. For those of you in international markets, Internet Explorer 9 enhanced with Bing and MSN will be rolling out to over 50 international markets in the next few weeks.


For those in the US, download Internet Explorer 9 enhanced for Bing and MSN today to get started. Again, congrats to our friends at Internet Explorer 9!

Kindra Mason


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  1. Virtualawrence

    So when does go online? =)

  2. henry.edwards2007

    Ca  you give us some information on when Bing HTML5 will be online, As we have all been waiting for ages without anyone from the Bing team giving us a time frame, since last year.

  3. PolychromeNZ

    yeah Bing HTML  5 is in the screen shots – so when can we get some of that action?

  4. Home Theater Philadelphia

    Yes, IE 9 is better than their previous versions. I also prefer internet explorer for searching data on internet. It provide better speed as compare to other web browsers.

  5. DonJuan

    Yep.Ive been using IE9  Beta. it was crashing a few times a week and now it more smooth and i had one crash yesterday after one month of use.Content looks very nice and faster than IE 8 by a long shot.I never bothered with Chrome,FF or others.Why bother with this built right in?

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