Bing Feature Update: New Images Landing Page

Whether it’s introducing completely new ways to browse pictures with things like image collage or helping you filter images by color and composition, delivering a more intuitive and visual image search experience is a critical focus area for us.

To that end, this week we’re excited to introduce a fresh way to enter the image search experience. Introducing the new image search landing page:

The landing page assembles the top images in full fidelity so you can get a quick snap-shot of some of the most popular image searches on Bing.

Once you click through to the “images” page you will notice that we’ve populated the tabs with the most common search queries associated with a given image.   With one simple click, you can narrow down the images to find just what you’re looking for or be inspired to discover more. 

Let us know what you think.

- Troy Ma and Jamil Valliani, Bing Image Search

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  1. bkerensa

    Now if Bingbot actually crawled my sites in a timely fashion you might have more images…. right now bingbot takes about three months to crawl my content :) content I put up today wont be crawled for months :)

  2. AvalancheFX

    The new landing page is fine, but I dislike that the ability to right click on an image and open in a new tab is now gone. This change just made image search useless for the type of work I do, and is probably an inconvenience to many. Love all the improvements, but this is something that should return.

  3. The Bing Team

    @AvalanchFX  Your feedback has been passed along to the team and is something they will address.

  4. parsonsproject93

    In addition to that, what happened to the ability to see similar images of a result?  Now I can't get a higher or lower resolutions if I wanted to.  I have to go to Google to do that.

  5. hd_wicks

    How about the ability to filter image sizes? I need more than small medium & large please!

    IAlso bring back similar images search (why was this removed in the first place)

  6. saber8


    Where is filter using sketch in Color specific search?

  7. ashangel

    landing page is fine.. not that critical to image search.

    however the new image search (including result) is much slower than the previous ones, and as some commenters mentioned it.. lost a few remaining gold nugget against google such as 'similar image search', 'find similar image', 'search more sizes of the selected image', 'using right click for more info' .. in other words all the goods feature are now gone.. only the bad ones remains

    maybe an option to disable the imagestrip could be a good idea, as thats the main resource hog on my machine. (keep it as an option).

  8. hotels

    I like the safari ones they are lovely.

  9. sunny.seo15

    Nice post….

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