Decide, decode and win: Explore the life and times of Jay-Z with Bing

Ever listen to your favorite song and wonder what inspired the artist to write it?  Curious if there’s hidden meaning behind the lyrics?  Starting tomorrow, you will have the opportunity to immerse yourself in a multi-platform search experience to learn how one of today’s most iconic artists shares his life experiences through his lyrics. 

In anticipation of the release of his first book, DECODED, which will be on sale on November 16th, Jay-Z and Bing have teamed up to launch a multi-platform search experience and interactive game to help fans decode Jay-Z’s life and lyrics. The immersive online experience utilizes multiple facets of Bing, including Bing Maps and Bing Entertainment, to give fans full access to the stories behind Jay-Z’s songs. Over the course of a month, fans will come together as a community to compile DECODED online before it hits bookshelves.   


Every single page of the book will be discoverable prior to the book hitting stores, with pages physically placed in locations related to the written content. The journey will take you to over 15 locales; from the projects in the Brooklyn neighborhood where Jay-Z grew up and the London streets where he found inspiration, to the building of his empire in Manhattan and beyond.  DECODED‘s three hundred pages will be appearing in places and on objects that have never before been used as advertising – from pools and pool tables to bronze plaques and high-fashion clothing racks- an array of unexpected surfaces will become the backdrop for Jay-Z’s art. 


And is the only place you can crack the clues, locate the pages and see the key decisions in Jay-Z’s story unfold! 

People who are in those locations and those of you playing online with Bing will be offered never-before-experienced insights into Jay-Z’s life.  And it will be up to you to decide how to find these pages using Bing. At 

  • You can use Bing to search and decide how to decode Jay-Z’s life and dive into the stories behind his songs.
  • Bing Maps allows players to walk the streets that Jay-Z walked while you’re locating pages of the book. 
  • Bing Entertainment allows you to read song lyrics, hear Jay-Z’s songs, and purchase his music – directly from the experience.
  • Collaborate with other fans, to compile the pages of DECODED online before it hits bookshelves by posting pictures players have captured along the journey. 

How to play:

Starting tomorrow, five to ten new pages from DECODED will be unveiled each day, until the contest ends on November 20th.

  • Players answer clues to find the DECODED pages in the online game experience at, or in-person by locating the clues in NYC, London and beyond.
  • Any player who locates a page online or in-person (by texting unique game codes from the page) is entered into a drawing for a prize: the specific page they’ve located, signed by Jay-Z.
  • All participants will be entered for a grand prize: two tickets to Jay-Z and Coldplay in concert in Las Vegas on New Year’s Eve.


Visit to play! 


Eric Hadley- General Manager, Bing


Open to US residents 18+. Ends 11/20/10. See for complete rules. 

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  1. triangle

    Hi, does anyone read these comments? I'm looking around the Bing community forums, and it seems that, I'd guess, 80+% of every post is spam. Is there ANYBODY paying any attention to those forums at all ?

  2. The Bing Team

    hi triangle,   We are working on the spam issues and have a plan in place to address.  Was there a specific question that we could help you out with?

  3. triangle

    Thanks for your response. I'm looking at the Bing community sites right now, (Including this blog and the forums), and there is a lot of empty space on the right that makes the pages very long and puts them off-center, making it hard to read.

    I've taken two screenshots to illustrate the problem, I put red rectangles around the empty areas:…/bingcommunity1.png…/bingcommunity2.png

    My web browser is Google chrome, operating system is Windows Vista.

  4. musicluvlife

    I have a problem as well.  No matter what browser I use I can't get the full screen.  the map in a map in the upper right hand corner is cut off.. Do I need the map in the upper right corner?  Also do we have to use street view to find the pages or can we stay zoomed out?  I'm not clear on how to find them once we've solved the clues and it says search the streets,

  5. The Bing Team

    Hi Musicluvlife,

    You will need to used street view to locate the individual pages.  See the last image in the post to see an example of what the clues look like in the experience.  The upper right hand map helps you pinpoint yourself within the wider map.

    Hope that helps.

  6. The Bing Team


    Thanks for the feedback.  We're in the midst of some minor design changes. We'll look at what you flag and try to address.


  7. penny lane

    I'm having a problem/have a question. On some of my maps, a meter will show up telling me if i'm "close" or far away from the page. however, on some maps, it isn't there at all. since it is such a big help, i'm wondering why it is not on all of the maps. thanks!

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