Bing Comes to Opera

Today Opera released a beta of its latest browser ( We are particularly excited to announce that we have entered into an agreement with the folks at Opera to make Bing one of the default search engine choices in the new beta.

It’s very easy to use Bing in Opera. Just click the drop-down menu in the search box in the upper right hand corner of the browser, and pick Bing from the list (see below).


It’s great to see Bing as a choice within another of the major browser products out there, and we hope all you Opera fans out there will go get the beta and give Bing a try.

Jon Tinter – General Manager, Bing.

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  1. izzmo

    Awesome, it's about time. Too bad I don't use Opera.

  2. coxy

    Opera is my default browser; Bing is not (yet) my default search engine. This seems like a good an excuse as any to give it a go!

  3. abigeldonnatello

    I hate opera because there spend so much time to load my page. I prefer FF that is the best browser ever.

  4. coreprivate

    @abigel: lol

  5. Arnaud

    Good news ! Opera is my favorite web browser and I love Bing too (I'll use a little more Bing now !)

  6. jersoninsurens

    Great! I am using opera now, this is a perfect timing…

  7. Ahmad Ghanem

    This is good for Bing I suppose, We could already use Bing in Opera, but an official integration is always welcome, and while I use bing for a great deal of searches, it's still not my main search engine, but it's still a very good Microsoft product.

  8. bouka55

    I hear a lot about Opera but I've never tried it, they need to try harder to entice people to their browser!

  9. Otto

    Opera has been my default browser for many years. I had already added Bing to my list of search engines in Opera and it is nice to see it has now become an official partner.

    I love the Bing search result preview when hovering to the right of each result. Opera 9.6 is the fastest browser there is and they are a great combination for productive surfing.

  10. hotels

    I have not tried Opera but may try it.

  11. Mad Toaster

    It's not exactly rocket science adding a search engine in Opera, though. Just visit the search engine's home page, R-Click in the search box and choose "Create Search" from the menu,  It could hardly be easier.

    Oh, and Abigail should be pleased to hear that Opera 10.5 and 10.6 are blazingly fast, almost as fast as Chrome (they were faster for a short time until Chrome realeased anew version).

  12. tr3

    Opera is my default Browser since years. And I'm using Bing often. Only on searching development resources I use the G :) And Opera looks really nice with Omelion Opera Skin.

  13. Lowry

    Opera looks nice I may try it.

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