Add more Bing to your Windows 7 desktop

Our first Bing’s Best Windows 7 theme pack was so popular that we’ve decided to do another! From the jagged peaks of the Andes, to the Vermillion Cliffs in Arizona, to Spain’s Basque region, this set takes you around the world using some of our favorite Bing homepage images from the past several months.

There are 21 wallpapers in all… here’s a sneak peak at a few of them:


To download the full theme pack, go to Bing’s Best 2. If you missed the original Bing’s Best theme, you can download it from the same site.

Did you know that every day on the homepage we give you great info about the images hidden around the page – have you found all of our hiding spots? Check out Welcome Home to make sure.


Stephanie Horstmanshof

Managing Editor

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  1. givelord

    Hello, your wallpapers are very friendly. Congratulations!

  2. bouka55

    could they work on Windows Vista?

  3. mastergamer64

    I love these, but what I'd really like is the ability to download wallpaper-sized (preferably 1920×1200 and 1920×1080) versions of your main "daily image"… it seems like such a waste to not be able to put such stunning imagery on my desktop!

  4. sandesh daddi

    I love these wallpapers….

    the effect which you gave for switching images..then it looks awesome….watching these wallpapers is my favorite work when I am at work

    Thank you

    Sandesh Daddi

  5. aechague10

    Bing's Best 1 was pretty good, but Bing's best are the best of the best. Please keep doing this kind of Windows' themes

  6. iamannasH2

    Delighted to see this…as a photographer, I am almost always delighted when I turn on the computer and see Bing images.  Really lovely!

  7. MSHOME353ade54

    Very beautyful Bing pictures/ Thank you

  8. titaniumtommy

    Is it possible to make a win7 theme that automatically pulls the latest bing image in my locale each day?

  9. ChadGarion25

    Yes, I think a subscribed Windows 7 Bing Wallpaper tool would be ausome

  10. windwalker20060910

    I Love looking at these wallpapers it brightens my day. If it something I don't care for I change it to another one that I like. That's one good thing about it. But, there isn't a lot of times that I have to do that. I love nature and that's why I love it so much

  11. Windows XP user

    What about those of us who still use Windows XP but would still like to download the themepacks?

  12. CmdrKeene

    I know Windows 7 has a hidden RSS wallpaper ability (the developers wrote about it at… why not let us have each daily Bing image be the real daily image?

  13. VLP

    Actually, there is a really great website that has all of the Bing images from around the world which you can save as your wallpaper.  Although I agree, being able to set the daily image as wallpaper would be the ideal.

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