Bing Autosuggest – Keeping You Current

Over the past couple months the Bing team has been working hard to make your search journey a bit easier. One of the ways we have tried to do that is through improvements to autosuggest. Autosuggest helps you get to results faster by suggesting words or phrases that match the first few keystrokes of your search. These suggestions help you type less and get you on your way to better search results faster.

Our research shows that approximately 45% of search queries result in either a user conducting an immediate re-query, or abandoning the page altogether.  We at Bing are continually improving the performance of autosuggest to reduce these problems. In fact, we recently incorporated breaking news and hot trending queries within autosuggest. Updated every 15 minutes, trending queries balance timeliness and relevance to connect you with the most prominent or topical events happening now.

For example, if you didn’t get a chance to watch the Golden Globe Awards, autosuggest helps you get to the latest news and recent winners.

Curious to know when Tiger Woods will return to golf? Start typing “Tig” and autosuggest surfaces relevant queries that can help connect you with the latest news.

We hope that autosuggest helps save you time and gets you to better, more relevant results faster. Go to, try it out, and let us know what you think. Happy searching!

Kindra Mason and Robert Williams – Bing Product Managers

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  1. venkatesh

    The Autosuggestion will defenatly help us.

    Thanks bing.

    I have one more suggestion, please why dont you give some

    short cuts to select links.

    for eg.  If i want to select first link, i can be given

    option like alt+1 to select first link. and so on. that will definatly save a lots of time to click on any results.

  2. zakifahmi

    nice improvement. Has been waiting this for years :)

  3. dilbert1

    hey this is a really useful feature! I notice that even when i mispell tiger woos, it will offer a suggestion for tiger woods!

    good work guys!

  4. virtualbingo

    Cool improvement lets me check it out first ,before saying anything .

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you for good information

  6. Alsace Web Agency

    "Updated every 15 minutes"

    that's cool!

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