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As the automotive world (and our friends at MSN Autos) descend on Detroit for the North American International Auto Show we here at Bing wanted to highlight our enhanced auto search results.

Simply search for your favorite car make and model and voila, you’ll see all the important information (price, Fuel Economy, user rating) as well as quick links to additional information right within the search result.

Honda Civic

MSN is the official online media partner of the NAIAS so for all things NAIAS go to MSN autos for the full coverage the show’s events as well as exclusive interviews with auto manufacturer and NAIAS executives. If you are at the Auto Show and haven’t had a chance to play with Microsoft Photosynth now’s your chance. Just submit your own synth’s of the cars from the show for a chance to be featured on MSN Autos.

-Kristin Meldahl – Bing

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  1. petknowledge

    I didn't knew Microsoft Photosynth, found very interesting photos there.

  2. Quality Directory

    Bing is enhancing search in many areas. I'm happy to be a part of this phenomenon and great community.

  3. bouka55

    Looks good! this years autoshow is getting better press than in previous years, they may have reached a turning point.

  4. Seattle SEO

    I'm very impressed with the way you guys keep spicing things up in the search results. Great job.

  5. Anonymous

    Thank you for good information

  6. rami

    good job

  7. dougrawson

    Bing has brought fresh face to search! Great work.

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    Goood Information

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    Thank you for good information. :)

  10. crpru

    Some very innovative features coming out of the bing camp at the moment!

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