What Do You Want to Ask Qi Lu?

As you may know, our fearless leader Qi Lu will be keynoting SMX Advanced on June 3 in Seattle. We’re looking forward to a good discussion between him and Danny Sullivan about the great stuff we have cooking on the search business. This will be Qi’s first public speaking engagement since he took the helm of the Online Services Division in January, and we know that you are all anxious to hear from him.


After the discussion with Danny, Qi will be taking questions from the audience. If you’re planning to go to the conference, or even if you’re not, what questions do you have for Qi? If we get some great suggestions here on the blog, we’ll see if we can work them into his discussion from the stage.



Looking forward to your thoughts,


Whitney Burk, Director, Live Search

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    Higher Education graduate and undergraduate students spend a lot of time researching on the Web.  Is there anyway that Microsoft's search assets could make that prospect easier for students (e.g. include MLA, Chicago or APA citations that be easily imported directly into Microsoft Word from the Web)? Basically, can we connect what I was looking for to what I actually doing?

  2. Telligent

    Looks good

  3. Anonymous

    Further to higherinnov8ion's question, is there any possibility Bing will roll out charts, graphs, etc. that can automatically be inserted into Word/Excel documents?  I think it would be great to bing "oil production" and get a chart (from EIA data)and then add an extra chart line for "oil consumption" – then insert into my Word document and complete my project.  

    Also, what are Qi's future plans for MSN?  I noticed that many of Bing's features lead to MSN (i.e. movies and finance) and, with all due respect, personally I believe that MSN could be dramatically improved.  Why are all the MSN pages so narrow (i.e. not full screen width) and why is there so much clutter?

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